July 27, 2012

Though I believe gays are born that way, I also believe blacks are conditioned to commit a disproportionate amount of crimes. It’s true that women are conscious of their purses when they”€™re in an elevator with a black man. It’s true that police are suspicious of blacks driving through a poor neighborhood in a Cadillac Escalade. It’s true that African Americans mock their peers who read books and try to better themselves. Liberals are right to point all this out, but they”€™re wrong when they point their finger at us. The group responsible for all this racism is blacks themselves. They”€™re also responsible for the fact that 93% of black homicide victims were killed by other blacks.

A liberal friend recently said to me, “€œThe hypocrisy of capitalism is that only 1% of Americans are millionaires but so are 50% of Congressmen,”€ to which I replied, “€œThat’s the hypocrisy of socialism.”€ The teachers”€™ unions have so many lobbyists on both ends of the political spectrum, they reserve the right to let a pedophile hang out with your kid. Just as we”€™ve separated church and state, we should start trying to keep big business out of government.
I don”€™t know who told gun-control advocates that assault rifles are machine guns, but they”€™re not. Being able to pull a trigger and have a seemingly infinite amount of bullets come out is so potentially harmful, it outweighs the benefits of Second Amendment freedom. Like allowing abortion in cases of rape, we hereby agree with liberals that citizens shouldn”€™t own machine guns. But assault rifles”€”where you need to squeeze the trigger for each bullet”€”should still be legal. Criminals don”€™t typically use assault rifles. They”€™re too hard to conceal. They use handguns. And if some revolver-toting hoodlums ever attack my house, I reserve the right to outgun them. I don”€™t need a machine gun to do that, but an assault rifle would be perfect.
Most liberals lack the balls to go full libertarian and say all drugs should be legal, but they do want pot to be decriminalized and they”€™re right about that. Almost a quarter of American prisoners are there because of drugs and a ton of them are black. When liberals talk about a war on blacks and focus on drug arrests, they actually sound sane.

Liberals have their hearts in the right place, but their brains are up their asses. Sure, being mean is bad and being nice is good. But when the data contradicts their feelings, they have a meltdown. Guns prevent crime. Logging helps forests. Affirmative action is racist. Illegal immigration doesn”€™t work and neither does welfare. Public unions are too expensive and the more money we spend on education, the less effect it has.

When I tell liberals cold hard facts that undermine their platitudes, I realize they”€™ve never researched their beliefs. They don”€™t know that 10,000 illegals come here every day. They have no idea that barely 10% of whites marry outside of their race. Nobody told them the number of white-on-black rapes is virtually nonexistent.

It’s not hard to find this information, so all I can conclude from their ignorance is that they don”€™t really care. They like to spout clichés because it makes them feel good about themselves. If there was any substance to what they were saying, they”€™d know more than the one sentence that just came out of their mouth. To them politics is fashion, and to question them is as pointless as asking them why they wear flip-flops to work.

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