March 20, 2015

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I’ve noticed the latent thread of ageism within the right that is little more than resentment for young upstarts who haven”€™t paid their dues. This is suicide because without young people, you die of old age.

The shock surrounding congressman Aaron Schock’s behavior may have purported to be about spending but the real root of the outrage was his audacious lifestyle. We should be supporting cads like him. It’s called having balls.

Steven Crowder is one of the bravest young voices of the right today. He doesn”€™t just talk about bloated unions; he confronts them until they get violent (many cons I know said they enjoyed seeing him get punched). The guy openly calls Mohammed a pedophile and his shows get millions of views but the top brass on the right totally ignores him.

The same goes for Charles C. Johnson and James O”€™Keefe. Both these young upstarts consistently go out and get real scoops nobody else is getting. They do boots-on-the ground journalism in an era where reporting from both sides of the spectrum has been reduced to taking a taxi to work, blogging about tweets, and taking a taxi back home. These young conservatives are over race, drugs, and gays in a way the old fogies will never understand so give them some attention and let them convert more non-believers.

Mass immigration is really hard on blacks in California. They are getting priced out of the blue collar market and you can”€™t flip a burger today if you don”€™t speak Spanish. In fact, the only people benefitting from open borders today are the rich whites in both countries. See? I never insulted any Mexicans. If the left only understands injustice when it doesn”€™t involve white males, we can go that route. Feminism today is all about free sex for men and leaves women alone and childless with their pets at 40+ years of age. Abortion activists are ignoring the 50% of American women who are pro-life. About 80% of abortions are black and Hispanic. Gender-based abortions are around the corner and that can only hurt the female population. Does the pro-choice movement have something against women, girls, blacks, and Hispanics?

The weakest link on the liberal chain is math. They didn”€™t take it in high school and since then have subsisted on platitudes such as, “€œWe”€™re a nation of immigrants”€ and “€œChildren are our greatest resource.”€ Explain to them that we have 15 million illegals in this country and spending about $10k per student per year hasn”€™t done a thing for their test scores. Liberals need to know the infinitesimally small number of innocent blacks killed by cops and that 93% of black murders are committed by other blacks. We keep letting myths like “€œHands Up Don”€™t Shoot”€ gain traction because we think laying out the numbers is a waste of time. It isn”€™t.

The high road is a loser’s route. Let’s get our hands dirty on the low road for a year or so. When libs bring up the Koch bros. come back with George Soros. He spent tens of millions of dollars promoting race wars. Democrats are the most funded politicians on Capitol Hill. When liberals say the NRA has too many lobbyists, point them to the teachers’ unions.

We also need to be asking the same divisive questions Democrats ask Republicans. Let’s keep asking Elizabeth Warren about her fellow Native Americans and what she plans to do for other Cherokees like herself. Ask politicians how many genders there are or what moment life begins in the womb. When they dodge the question come back again until they choke on their own rhetoric. 

What do we give them, $3.5 billion a year? That’s less than a tenth of what we spend fighting pot. No matter how you feel about “€œThe Jews,”€ we need you to take a time-out for the next couple of years. We are currently in a religious war with Islam and they are completely surrounded. At the very least, concede that it’s a good strategic location to be allied with.

Israelis are as responsible for “€œwhy they hate us”€ as gays and daughters who refuse arranged marriages. Cutting off Israel wouldn”€™t appease our enemies. It would empower them.

To be anyone not 100% aboard the liberal dogma these days is to be 100% against it. A hippy rock band called Black Pussy recently canceled their show because left wing lunatics threatened to disrupt their show. Don”€™t these guys get that women like alpha males? They may pretend they like the betas they created but is there an MMA fighter in the country who isn”€™t drowning in pussy “€“ of all colors? Young women today listen to gangster rap and wear hats that say “€œblunts”€ because they miss machismo. Let’s give it to them. Let’s become fighters again.

I was heartbroken when I saw Paul Ryan allow Joe Biden to laugh and eye-roll his way through their debate. Ryan should have said, “€œWhat the hell is so funny?”€ or at least laughed back. Romney was pilloried for saying half the country doesn”€™t pay income tax. When confronted for saying this hate fact, he should have doubled down and yelled back, “€œThey don”€™t!”€

I”€™m not saying you have to abandon American values. Abortion is still wrong and should never be off the table. This country is 73% Christian and was founded on Christian values we should never have abandoned. Illegal immigration is also a hill worth dying on. However, outside of those three biggies, the best way to win this election is to focus on small government. The future of America belongs to the right and the future of the right is fiscally conservative but socially liberal.


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