January 22, 2016

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(5) “€œMr. Trump condemns my family.”€

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Scottish National Party MP, Ochil and South Perthshire

During the debate, Ahmed-Sheikh said that Trump not only condemns her whole family but also condemns “€œthe leaders of Bahrain, UAE, and Jordan.”€

Not only does Ms. Ahmed-Sheikh seem to think that Trump personally has it out for her family, and other Muslim-identifying families who may well be perfectly splendid people, but she also seems to think that the leaders of Islamic Bahrain, UAE, and Jordan deserve her respect.

Reports from Human Rights Watch in 2015 show that despite claims that Bahrain’s security forces have reformed, they continue to torture detainees. Furthermore, the authorities of United Arab Emirates, according to human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor, “€œcontinue to silence all criticism”€ and “€œarrest people in the middle of the night, hold them in unknown places sometimes for months at a time, use physical and psychological torture to extract confessions and then have what international organizations and the U.N. have called sham trials where they are sentenced to long jail terms.”€

(6) “€œOf course, there are limits to freedom of expression, even in a libertarian democracy.”€

Lucy Frazer, Conservative MP, South East Cambridgeshire

No further explanation required.

(7) “€œWe should consider banning Christian extremists.”€

Gavin Newlands, Scottish National Party MP, Paisley and Renfrewshire North

After so eloquently describing Donald Trump as an idiot, the SNP’s Gavin Newlands mumbled his way through a speech that suggested that we should consider banning Christian extremists as well as Muslim extremists. He said, “€œIf we are to ban extremists, we should consider banning Christian extremists in the same way that we ban extremist Muslims from traveling to the U.K.”€

Other than the Westboro Baptist Church, who exactly is Mr. Newlands referring to? There have been almost 30,000 jihad attacks since 9/11, and 1,870 killed in jihad attacks in the past 30 days alone. Perhaps Mr. Newlands also wants to ban Kim Davis from the U.K. for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Let’s not forget, too, that the U.K. doesn”€™t even ban all Muslims returning from ISIS.


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