April 03, 2023

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Source: Wikimedia Commons

During a recent BBC/Showtime documentary about TV’s funniest rapist Bill Cosby, controversy was sparked by the comments of one of the talking heads, the self-described “superfat queer bisexual non-binary [sex] therapist” Sonalee Rashatwar, who argued that, if only Uncle Bill had made a slight alteration in his alleged modus operandi, all would have been well.

Famously, Cosby was supposed to have drugged his victims, then climbed aboard while they were unconscious, ostensibly so they would be helpless to resist, but arguably as an act of simple human charity. According to Rashatwar, however, normative Western society’s ingrained sense of “sex negativity” was truly to blame for Cosby’s reported crimes, as “in an idyllically sex-positive world” Bill would have been able to pay prostitutes “to come and be drugged” so he could “get [his] kink out” on them in “a consensual way.” For some unaccountable reason, this suggestion caused outrage amongst certain less progressive-minded viewers, prompting letters of disgusted complaint even from Andrew Tate and Josef Fritzl.

Please Donut Resuscitate
Judging by images of Rashatwar on his/her/its (I think Sonalee is a really fat female who adopts male pronouns, but it’s hard to tell) official website, it is easy to see why this aptly named “FatSexTherapist” and professional “donut lover” might approve of the idea of drugging others prior to engaging in sexual intercourse with them. “I’m good at being still and being an anchor for someone,” Rashatwar said in 2019, but judging by the size of her she could make a good anchor for the QE2.

“If this absurd individual were just a lone ranter, preaching into nothing but an empty KFC Bargain Bucket, then we could safely ignore her.”

Furthermore, rendering her lovers unconscious could be the only way to prevent them from fleeing away immediately afterward in order to avoid being exposed to Sonalee’s unbearable postcoital small talk about her immense expertise in “intersectional fat liberation” and “sexual colonization” at the hands of the wicked Thin White Dukes of the West.

Based in Philadelphia but being of brown subcontinental heritage, Sonalee knows only too well how “Much of what we experience as acceptable sexuality [today] has been shaped by colonialism,” a dreaded ideology that “continues to warp sexuality norms” by, one might speculate, cruelly denying innocent black men like Bill Cosby their innate human right to pump whores full of Rohypnol. Rashatwar consequently wishes to instigate a literal sexual revolution, unleashing “the radical imagination of our decolonial sexual futures” to create “individual forms of sexual resistance,” with the highly bizarre orgasms thereby produced revealing how “joy will lead us to revolution” against heteronormative Western capitalism.

How bizarre will these revolutionary socialist orgasms look? According to Sonalee’s own extremely candid testimony of pleasuring herself self-pityingly with a sex toy whilst crying about her love life: “When I do masturbate, I have a practice whereby I hug myself, kiss myself on the fattest part of both of my arms, and whisper really sweetly, ‘I love you, Sonalee.’ I use a similar voice to speak to my cat.”

Cat lady Rashatwar is definitely a qualified sexual expert, however, as she is quoted as such on a genuine 2018 Vice article, “The Fat Person’s Guide to Facesitting.” Here, other dangerously obese women worry that, should they squat too carelessly on a lover’s face, they may “literally kill someone,” not to mention experiencing understandable “anxiety about how [their] genitals smell and look.”

Fortunately, Rashatwar is on hand to advise wobbly women that, so they don’t “block the bottom partner’s air supply,” they should be prepared to let their lover “tap on the top partner’s thighs or arms” so that their improvised Derek Chauvin–George Floyd role-play session doesn’t end up accidentally sparking yet more violent street riots across America. Ultimately, such sage advice allows one nervous female face-sitter quoted to relax and realize that, even if asphyxiation does occur and “a man dies while his face is being sat on, he died doing what he loved.”

If you ever want to sit on Rashatwar’s own face, by the way, just ram a cream horn up your bum.

Food Nazis
Sonalee’s opinions about fatness itself are even more curious. For her, non-whites the world over have been tricked by white colonialists into pursuing a false ideal of extreme thinness, particularly in Yemen and Ethiopia. Natural black body shapes would be much fatter, as ample West African anuses tend to demonstrate, so to dismantle anti-fat attitudes would be to simultaneously dismantle Western civilization itself, an aim our noble “superfat queer” deems “just so romantic.”

Supposedly, being thin is an inherently Nazi ideal. Accordingly, Rashatwar was “not surprized” the white supremacist who shot up a New Zealand mosque in 2019 was a fitness instructor, as “people who are Nazis” who desire to create a “perfect race” of übermenschen are often “also super fatphobic.” What about Hermann Goering?

“All bodies are good bodies,” Sonalee argues on her website, ignoring the existence of her own. She then goes far further, arguing that “the construct of health” is a mere fake “stick to beat marginalized people with.” She rightly speaks of “food moralism,” implying obsessive vegans should sod off and mind their own business rather than endlessly and piously lecturing others about their own personal rabbit diets, but then wibbles on, Oprah-style, about “our body’s inner compass” being the true judge of one’s health, not any more objective medical criteria, under the dubious heading of “fat-positive wellness.”

“Is it my fatness that causes my high blood pressure, or is it my experience of weight stigma?” Rashatwar asked during a 2019 public college lecture in Minnesota. Well…it’s the former, isn’t it? To claim otherwise is like a legless person claiming to have been crippled by their wheelchair.

However, Sonalee continued in her speech, we should take little notice of science, as science itself is just yet a further manifestation of white supremacism, with “fatphobic” branches of medicine, such as that which links obesity with high blood pressure, “often actually [being] eugenic science” like that applied by the Nazis against their victims.

An incredibly well-fed woman comparing her treatment by Western doctors to the Jews’ treatment at the hands of Hitler demonstrates self-obsession beyond belief, something that culminates in Sonalee’s public condemnation of capitalism for its “pushing off our own wellbeing onto the individual” rather than that of the welfare state, an idea apparently invented in the 1980s by that slim white bastard Ronald Reagan, who often spoke of trimming the fat from government spending. Instead of this capitalist obscenity of personal self-independence, Skinny Uncle Sam should “help me to subsidize my food costs.” Even the IMF wouldn’t have enough cash to do that, I fear.

Eat the Rich
Rashatwar’s solution to this “problem” of having to buy her own ice cream is characteristically overblown, rallying her speechified Minnesota students to “challenge all authorities, not just the authority that science has given, but legal authority…. The same way I want us all to challenge laws, I want us all to challenge prisons and policing.”

Just as Sonalee somehow considers herself above those petty physical laws linking obesity with hypertension, she is also seemingly above professional laws dictating an absolute prohibition on physical contact with her therapy clients: “I will never live by a professional code of ethics that tells me what I am allowed and not allowed to do with my body.”

Yes, but that same code is actually telling you what you can and can’t do with another person’s body, isn’t it? Quite what Sonalee does actually do with her client’s bodies, I have no idea. Likely she does absolutely nothing untoward, and was simply idly boasting in front of a crowd of impressionable students in order to sound oh-so-rebellious and free. On the other hand, maybe she eats them.

Fat Lives Matter
If this absurd individual were just a lone ranter, preaching into nothing but an empty KFC Bargain Bucket, then we could safely ignore her. But increasingly such people are being treated seriously by persons in positions of actual institutional power, such as the makers of prominent international TV documentaries and those who arrange talks for suggestible young students at colleges.

Furthermore, as a fully qualified far-left weirdo (or “award-winning social worker”—it means the same thing), Rashatwar is licensed to practice her art in three U.S. states and as such has been gainfully employed for more than a decade, providing support for individuals aged 13 and upward “who have survived experiences of domestic and sexual violence,” sometimes via the self-described means of “centering [their] recovery from shame through pleasure.”

I’m sure Sonalee carefully obeys the legal rules when treating such patients, but even so… What, precisely, have we come to as a society when an individual with a proven track record of making extremely freakish public statements like those detailed above is considered an appropriate person to provide therapy to actual child-abuse victims?

But then, what even is child abuse, anyway? “I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet in the same way a child cannot consent to having sex,” Rashatwar also babbled during her 2019 college lecture, as if making a kid eat a vegetable is in any way comparable to raping them with one.

So diets aren’t consensual, but date-rape drugs are? Thank God Bill Cosby didn’t try to serve up his victims any SlimFast, too. In the end, today’s increasingly self-contradictory far-left will inevitably just eat themselves.


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