April 19, 2023

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Ever since the transgender school shooter in Nashville, the mainstream media has been on the warpath to impose more point-of-sale gun control…while continuing to encourage Soros-funded prosecutors to weaken the kind of point-of-use gun control that not long ago succeeded in reducing New York City murders to Joe DiMaggio-era levels because it tends to put black criminals behind bars.

Yet, this level of flagrant effrontery requires tremendous narrative discipline. On Monday, the front page of NYTimes.com gave a master class in how it’s done across three contrasting articles.

As you’ll recall, there was a horrific mass shooting in Dadeville, Alabama, late Saturday night, with four young people murdered and 28 injured.

“The Democratic Party’s grand strategy of assembling a Coalition of the Fringes requires that white men be the designated bad guys whom all the diverse Democrats can unify by hating.”

Although The New York Times won’t tell you this, it’s obvious that the Dadeville massacre was a classic example of Sailer’s Law of Mass Shootings:

—If more dead than wounded, the shooter is likely nonblack.
—If more wounded than dead, then the shooter (or often shooters) is likely black.

While, not unreasonably, the occasional horrific mass shootings of nonblacks by nonblacks, such as Uvalde, absorb media attention, the mundane reality is one of blacks exuberantly shooting blacks every week. A 2016 New York Times analysis of each mass shooting in 2015 found that almost three-quarters were of blacks by blacks.

And America’s black handgun violence crisis has only worsened during the ironically named Black Lives Matter era promoted by the Times.

But by Monday, The New York Times wasn’t very interested in Sunday’s horrific mass-shooting story. As my commenter Alec Leamas astutely pointed out:

The recent push for gun control I’m noticing seems to me to be an attempt by the institutional Democratic Party to launder the post 2012 turn towards racial radicalization and decarceration that was turbo-charged in 2020 and resultant spike in shootings and murders and crime into a Republican Party problem with guns. Steve rightly points out the sleight of hand—the same Democrats refusing to prosecute felons in possession of firearms because they’re black while calling for the imposition of new gun control laws in order to distort the face of gun violence in America from young black men to middle aged white men.

By the day after, the NYT had relegated the Dadeville shooting to the 17th position in its left-hand news column, and used the passive voice to describe the massacre:

Alabama Town Waits for Answers After a Birthday Party Turns Deadly

In its 22-paragraph article about a shooting in which perhaps one-twentieth of this small town’s young people were hurt, there was in the NYT’s reporting no mention of the race of the victims or suspects. Unlike local outlets, the NYT refused to show photos of the poor victims. But close readers can probably figure out that all the murder victims were black from their first or middle names:

The Tallapoosa County Coroner, Mike Knox, on Monday identified the four victims who died as Shaunkivia Nicole Smith, known as Keke, 17; Philstavious Dowdell, 19; Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, 19; and Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, 23.

Judging from photos available elsewhere, Shaunkivia, Philstavious, Marsiah, and Dahmontrey were black, just as you, but not NYT subscribers, would expect.

According to CDC statistics, blacks are the victims of homicides an order of magnitude more than whites in this decade.

And according to FBI statistics, blacks tend to be the known murderers of blacks over 90 percent of the time.

But these facts are immensely inappropriate to mention to NYT readers, who don’t want to be reminded about reality. Their racist hate-driven desire is instead to hear reasons to attribute all murders to white men with scary rifles.

In reality, America has a huge murder problem due to its abundance of handguns and blacks, which are not a good combination. According to FBI statistics, 92 percent of known gun murders in 2021 were due to handguns, while 60.4 percent of known murderers were black. But New York Times subscribers don’t pay $17 per month to be informed of unwelcome information such as that.

Instead, they want to hear about how the bad guys are straight white males with rifles that must be seized by brute force.

So there’s no mention of the race of the four dead or 28 wounded, much less of the still-at-loose shooters, in this lengthy article, or even of the shell casings (none from rifles, just from handguns). Why do you want to know such racist facts, anyway?

That’s like wanting to find out what’s in the Nashville transgender shooter’s manifesto. If the authorities decide it’s in your best interest to know the truth, they’ll so inform you. Otherwise, you should simply obsess over what you are told and not concern yourself with awkward realities.

In contrast to the ho-hum shooting of dozens in Dadeville, the third-highest hyped article in the Times’ left-hand column on Monday was:

Man Charged With Murder in Shooting of Woman Who Went Up Wrong Driveway

Kevin Monahan shot Kaylin Gillis, 20, when she and several friends wound up outside his house in a rural part of upstate New York, the authorities said.

Why is the NYT promoting some local police blotter item? If you read all the way down to the 17th paragraph of this 17-paragraph article, you will find out:

In the Washington County shooting, Mr. Monahan is white, as was Ms. Gillis.

But you aren’t supposed to read that far. You are supposed to get bored earlier and assume that this is yet another example of all those horrible MAGA white men shooting innocent black children, just as in the preceding No. 2 article in The New York Times:

84-Year-Old Is Charged in Shooting of Black Teenager Who Went to Wrong House

Lawyers for the family of Ralph Yarl, 16, said he was critically injured when he was shot twice in Kansas City, Mo.

In contrast to the other two articles about shootings, in this 29-paragraph story the victim being “Black” is announced in the second paragraph and the shooter being “white” in the third.

This isn’t like the Alabama shooting, where the race of the victims or suspects is deigned utterly irrelevant, or the upstate New York shooting, where race is relegated to the final paragraph. Instead, this is red-meat news where informing readers of the race of the participants is immediately crucial.

How come?

Because it’s some white man somewhere in America shooting some black kid. Granted, the last time there was a similar white-on-black door-knock shooting in this country of 330 million was a full decade ago.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that the Democratic Party’s grand strategy of assembling a Coalition of the Fringes requires that white men be the designated bad guys whom all the diverse Democrats can unify by hating.

So, this extreme man-bites-dog story in Kansas will be big news (i.e., racist hate propaganda) until something even more Narrative-Affirming comes along.


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