January 26, 2008

There once was a time when presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani led the Republican field as “€œMr. 9/11″€”€”the symbol of America standing tall against terrorism. How Rudy’s steadfastness (however admirable) actually amounted to foreign-policy acumen or experience was a question most were too polite to ask.

Well, as we await the benefits of Rudy’s brilliant “€œfinish no higher than fourth in the crucial early primaries”€ strategy to kick in, some skepticism has emerged”€”perhaps standing tall on 9/11 actually won”€™t compensate for alienating those Republicans slightly disturbed by the candidacy of a thrice married gun-controlling pro-life gay-rights activist.

But Rudy has a new plan”€”in fact, he has another catastrophe!

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The video features scenes of hurricane damage interspliced with familiar images of from 9/11″€”and all accompanied by a calypso beat!

The ad is only running in Florida, but the prospect of Rudy once again being photographed at the scene of mass destruction will surely convince voters in the land-locked, tsunami-free heartland that the federal government’s use of their tax dollars to fund disaster relief for people on the coast would lead to great feelings of patriotism and unity.           


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