April 02, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

Corporate CEOs who would eagerly crawl on their knees to Kim Jong Un and spit-shine his loafers if he offered them a profitable government contract, are striking indignant poses against the possibility that Indiana’s law might allow my bakery store to stay in business.  Bread-and-circuses mass pacifiers like the NCAA, goaded by their accountants, are honking the Party liturgy about “€œinclusion”€ and “€œdiversity.”€  The Governor of New York State, with the little breath he has left from dodging federal prosecutors waving corruption charges, has issued a ukase banning state-funded travel to Indiana.

There is not much doubt the destroyers will win.  The pass was sold fifty years ago when the Civil Rights Act prohibited race discrimination in “€œpublic accommodations.”€  (Rand Paul pointed this out in the 2012 campaign.  He was denounced for it and groveled obediently.)  You can have freedom of association or not have it.  If you have it, it has to apply to commercial establishments.  If you don”€™t have it, you will soon see your other freedoms hammered out of existence.

The name of the hammer is language.  Male homosexuals are “€œgay”€; this apparently includes the subset who wilfully spread disease, and another, larger subset who court grotesque, immiserating personal injury.  The mild natural antipathy that most normal people feel (and that all religions express, usually non-mildly) towards homosexual congress is “€œbigotry.”€  “€œEquality”€ is demanded between marriage, the social instantiation of a biological truth, and the ramshackle promiscuous arrangements of “€œthe LGBT community.”€

As with race, we learn to mouth the approved jargon, but our revealed preferences give us away.  Was there ever before a civilization so steeped in dishonesty?  Come, ISIS, come!


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