September 10, 2016

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I have some questions for you, dear readers: Is it simply me, or is there no newspaper or network in America that tells it like it is anymore? Take, for example, the Anthony Weiner case. He is the pervert who keeps sending pictures of his penis to women over the internet, more often than not while in the company of his 4-year-old son. If a man like that were married to Donald Trump’s closest assistant, The Donald would have been forced out of the race by now, no ifs or buts about it. But over on the other side, Hillary confirmed her trust in Huma Abedin—a Saudi-trained Muslim and her closest adviser—who finally separated from the pervert and asked for her privacy to be respected. The compliant, ass-licking media followed orders. Hillary’s polls remained the same.

Now, what kind of deal is that? If this is not a conspiracy by the media to elect Hillary, what is it? The utter disregard for the truth by the elite networks and newspapers embodies the loathing they have for The Donald. A New York Times columnist, Frank Bruni, champion for gay and transgender and bisexual and whatever-else-there-is rights, a food critic–turned–political pundit, called Weiner Trump’s twin. How a clown like Bruni can connect the pervert who was a Hillary insider (before exposure—pun intended) to Trump is a mystery only the NYT could come up with. It’s like calling Hitler a Churchill twin, or Mother Teresa the clone of Madame Claude. Poor Pravda, the NYT has now put you to shame. Der Stürmer, also.

And it gets better. Another propagandist at the Times, one Nicholas Kristof, grandiloquently announced that an expert on China, Cheng Li, told him that the Chinese leadership wants a Trump victory. How this Cheng Li “expert” arrived at his conclusion is a mystery. I asked my own China expert, the man who does my laundry, also called Li, and he expertly told me the opposite is true. The Chinese leadership wants Hillary and wants her badly. Kristof is so desperate that he even brought in ISIS jihadists and had them mouthing pro-Trump statements. No wonder Trump has called the Times totally dishonest. The NYT is much worse than dishonest. It exists by inventing, and through fraud.

“Poor old Uncle Sam, he really does deserve better.”

Then we have the lachrymose and totally bald crybaby Roger Cohen, a man who hates Nigel—he bleats that Farage and his ilk will forbid his daughter from living in England—and loathes Boris Johnson. Cohen cringes and quails and quivers about his family being pushed around by baddies like Nigel and Boris, but I’ve got news for him. If he wrote the truth once in a while, no one would bother with him or his family. But as a columnist for America’s leading grievance-monger, it is normal he has grievances, however made up they are.

Cohen and Kristof twin their stories about Syria by never mentioning ISIS, just Assad. They make it sound simple. Assad is the world’s worst man and the good guys are not winning because the bad Russkies are helping him. All the head-chopping of thousands of innocents, the mass rapes and enslavement of women and children, are never mentioned. The lying twins keep it simple. Now back to Hillary, The Donald, and the press.

Here’s another question for you, from a dummy like me. How come the media forgives the fact that the Clinton Foundation, worth billions, is regularly lobbied by Hillary’s closest adviser, the aforementioned Huma Abedin, on behalf of donors like the Saudis, the Bahrainis, and the rock jerk Bono, the latter almost as desperate for publicity as a Kardashian? (I love the story about when Bono began to clap his hands during a concert and told the dummies who had paid to hear his screeching that every time he claps his hands a child dies in Africa. “Well, stop fucking clapping then,” came a wise voice from below.)

Let’s face it. It’s the whorehouse principle. Donors to the Clinton Foundation receive special access to the most corrupt couple since Bonnie and Clyde. And Huma Abedin, Hill’s closest adviser, earns a private income on the side by facilitating these shenanigans. The Clintons have raised more than 2 billion smackers, and as Trump said, while Hillary was the equivalent of Boris in America, it was hard to tell where the foundation ended and the State Department began. Hillary sold out to Salman of Saudi and Khalifa of Bahrain and is laughing all the way to the bank. Poor old Uncle Sam, he really does deserve better.

Not that Trump is perfect, far from it. His closest associate is his son-in-law, whose father, a developer shark, pleaded guilty to eighteen counts of tax evasion, witness tampering, and making illegal campaign donations—crimes of greed, power, and excess, as Governor Christie put it. His name is Charlie Kushner and he did hard time in a federal penitentiary, but not too much has been made of it. I wonder why. I guess because the Kushners know how to bribe the hacks, but then who am I, a poor little Greek boy, to say such things? All I know is I’m looking forward to debating for Trump against the ghastly Hillary come Oct. 18. If one is intelligent one cannot be for Hillary. Ditto if one is honest. You know what that leaves.


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