October 23, 2011

I believe Pat overemphasizes ethnonationalism’s importance. Majority populations in Western and Central Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia have generally accepted multicultural policies’ inroads and their planned reeducation to fit the new order. Real right-wingers such as Pat Buchanan don’t want any of this reconstruction and are justifiably tearing out their hair over what has gone on in their homelands. The geographically Western parts of the West, including those countries that did not go through communist occupation but which have been massively exposed to non-communist leftist influence, have been rendered more and more PC. Here the reaction to threatened ethnic identities has been surprisingly minimal.

In Germany, for example, where Thilo Sarrazin’s strictures about further Third World immigration sold many hundreds of thousands of copies, the voters are in no way moving toward the right. Germans are moving massively in the opposite direction. If a national election were held in Germany tomorrow, the anti-fascist, antinational Green Party and the even more radically leftist Party of the Left would hold the balance of power. Germany has no significant party of the right or even vaguely national party. The “conservative” Christian Democrats are about as far to the right as the American left-center, but with a strong anti-nationalist spin. (The head of the now ruling Christian Democrats, Chancellor Merkel, went to Moscow last spring to thank the Red Army for “liberating Germany from fascism.”)

In France, contrary to what Pat suggests, the right-wing Front National is split and still hemorrhaging. If all the splinters on France’s right coalesced as they might do in the next presidential race, we would be looking at most at about 18 to 20 percent of the French electorate. Until his recent exposure as a sex fiend, the socially leftist financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the overwhelming favorite to be the next French president.

The ostracized British National Party, which Buchanan views as a thriving force of the anti-immigration right, hardly went anywhere in the 2010 parliamentary elections. It garnered less than 2% of the total vote and finished behind other splinter parties and well behind the three major parties (Tory, Labour, and Liberal). The BNP didn’t win a single seat in the British Parliament.

The stress on “diversity” at the expense of what was once the core culture and core population, a development that is occurring with the majority’s compliance, cannot possibly turn out well. The white Christian population cannot understand that its fixation on openness and sensitivity is a form of madness. And it is a form that others outside the “democracies” are not likely to follow.

One wonders how much further our crusade against traditional Euro-American identity will have to go before our clownishness becomes grossly apparent. Looking idiotic could be a big problem for a superpower.



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