August 30, 2016

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Because I can”€™t help noticing that the loudest voices decrying the burkini are male. (Okay, not all: This Canadian Muslim woman wants all such cloaking devices declared unconstitutional.)

Don Surber, for instance, calls it “€œan abomination to Western civilization”€ in a post helpfully illustrated by a photo of a young bikini-clad Brigitte Bardot.

Whereas a defense of the burkini by its (female) creator left me abashed, in spite of everything I know about taquiya:

Sport is so important, and we are Australian! I wanted to do something positive”€”and anyone can wear this, Christian, Jewish, Hindus. It’s just a garment to suit a modest person, or someone who has skin cancer, or a new mother who doesn”€™t want to wear a bikini, it’s not symbolizing Islam.

As Mortimer points out, lots of other Muslims, being so awfully good at hijacking, don”€™t care about her good intentions. No inventor has the power to command that kind of deference or control, and besides, she’s just a woman.

By the way, do you know what it said on the ticket the cops gave the Muslima on the beach? She was cited for not wearing “€œan outfit respecting good morals and secularism.”€


Okay, maybe something got lost in translation. Then again, topless women have been France’s symbol for (their peculiarly Gallic notion of) “€œlibert销 since Marianne.

That’s likely what inspired this droll post at The Daily Bonnet, the Onion of Anabaptists:

French Police Arrest Mennonite Women for “€œNot Dressing Sexy Enough”€ at the Beach

Before you laugh (or after you do), remember:

Today’s satire is tomorrow’s social policy.


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