October 11, 2007

If Faustus was willing to sell his soul to the Devil for sex, wealth and power, Eliot Spitzer, governor of New York, has settled for power—
sensing full well that the other two follow naturally. Mind you, money doesn’t enter into it.  His father is a real estate shark billionaire who, in order to develop homes, has put out more orphans and widows than I’ve had hot meals or drunken nights.  As far as sex is concerned, Spitzer gets a pass. He
looks as if he were conceived by a man with a dose of the clap, but then I’m only guessing.

Spitzer is probably America’s most craven politician. I’d call him an opportunist par excellence but that would be insulting both opportunists and excellence. Spitzer plans to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. The reason he’s doing it is because these illegals will give him their votes, or at least their next of kin’s. He could not care less about the possible repercussions of his “get me the vote” program. With legal driver’s licenses, enemies of this country will be free to drive across it in search of targets of opportunity. Another 9/11 attack—where the terrorists relied on the use of driver’s licenses—is immaterial to a man whose first act once governor was to get state troopers to dig up dirt against a Republican opponent in Albany.

Spitzer’s efforts to create a nurturing environment for those who break the law is not unprecedented, but it is so cold-blooded and cynical, it makes Caligula and Nero seem like responsible leaders by comparison. What has happened to these United States? How can a charlatan like Spitzer get elected in the first place, and then be allowed to garner cheap votes by endangering Noo Yawkers in particular and Americans in general? In a democratic state not under the gun of political correctness, a thug like Spitzer would have been impeached by now.  But we are living in a kind of PC police state—where racial quotas, mushy notions about lawbreaking, and the lowest standards of decency (purveyed by the nastiest class of people) all conspire to enable a criminal like Spitzer. 


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