August 27, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

Armstrong returned to the fold only when the matter concerned all Americans and not just himself. In 2010 and 2011 he came out of what had been described as a reclusiveness surpassing that of the great Howard Hughes to address Congress about the Obama regime’s intention to dismantle mankind’s greatest technological utility.

Lamentably, the first human being to set foot on a foreign body did not even merit a passing mention in the American people’s “regularly scheduled programming.”

As the years progress there will be more of this courageous clique who slip the bonds of gravity’s hold. They should expect no more notice than Armstrong has received for much the same reason”€”these men and their achievements are a bright stain upon a pygmy civilization. The glare of their exhaust is blinding, so the only way to dim the light is to undermine it, to ignore it, and eventually to completely deny it. When there is an ellipsis in your history, it’s very comfortable to treat it with a timely eclipse.

Without reservation it seems the seeds of doubt that began only after we ceased going to the moon are based on the fact that we no longer have the capability to return. By this rationalization our failures are no longer our fault; it is merely our forebears who have lied. Society cannot credit our past accomplishments, for that would require admitting its current inadequacies.

If our idols are destined to be forgotten and our stories are all there are left to tell, perhaps there are no coincidences after all. Maybe exceptional men aren’t meant for this petty Earth.


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