September 06, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Because that’s the funny thing: Normal Canadians, when polled, say they think ideas like Dr. Leitch’s are just dandy. Remember last week, when I asked if you”€™d ever seen any survey question get an 80 percent “€œyes,”€ like the one asking if Muslim face coverings should be banned? Well, here’s a fresh one:

The Globe and Mail asked Canadians if we should make “€œthe screening process more onerous for potential immigrants from regions such as the Middle East to reduce potential security threats.”€

The lowest “€œyes”€ result was just a smidge under 70 percent, in Quebec. And only 16 percent said we should be taking in more immigrants, screened or not.

And by the way: When did the newspaper conduct this survey? Why, at exactly the same time Leitch was conducting hers. Which was around the same time we learned that, having previously called PM Harper “€œdisgusting”€ for vetting refugees before a photo op, the Liberals”€™ Immigration Minister had subsequently…vetted refugees before a photo op.

Screening for me but not for thee!

Liberals keep trying to rebrand themselves, with “€œprogressives”€ being their last bumptious attempt. On the off chance they ever decide to try honesty, might I suggest the admittedly unwieldy but nevertheless truthful moniker the “€œIt’s-Different-When-We-Do-Its”€?


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