July 21, 2018

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I am seriously thinking of moving back to London. The family insists on it—New York, they say, is much too far away and now much too shabby. Basically the Bagel’s attractions are the karate, the occasional judo, and the weekly Brooklyn parties chez Michael Mailer. The women are better in London, but the real draw is the friends. I have many in London, very few in New York.

The last fortnight in London was magical. Then the scene went sour, as parasites and social justice warriors like Bianca Jagger and Ed Miliband hogged the headlines by calling Trump a racist, a sexist, an Islamophobic bigot, and a hatemonger. La Jagger was described in the media as an actress. Funny that—I suppose they could not depict her otherwise, she’d sue. She’s as worthless as Miliband and has been hanging around as a political activist since the ’60s. Amazing what a brief marriage to a rock star can do for a Nicaraguan nobody who looks more simian by the minute. And the press takes her seriously.

“I am torn between London and the Bagel.”

What made me sad was seeing London being taken over by shouters, haters, and shrill left-wingers posing as lovers of the poor and discriminated against. These self-righteous tin-pot dictators filled the streets and had their moment of glory as the media enjoyed filming and quoting them. What bullshit. Sa(dick) Khan is the worst mayor poor London has ever had the bad luck to have run the place, and to misquote my colleague Rod Liddle, I’d rather watch a colonoscopy performed on Diane Abbott than listen to the bigoted-against-white-people Khan crap. London has become the murder capital of the civilized world, and this clown bangs on about Trump, whose country is enjoying its lowest unemployment rate since the war, a booming economy, and a new approach toward Uncle Sam’s perennial users, like Mexico, China, Europe, and Canada.

When a gent like Sir Christopher Meyer is badly beaten up in broad daylight by two youths who are then allowed to walk free by the police, it’s time for a change. The ex-ambassador was beaten to a pulp for the crime of being well-dressed, it’s as simple as that. This hate campaign against the law-abiding white Christian community has been a long time coming via the PC campaign by the social justice warriors. People are being convicted for telling un-PC jokes, while violent crime soars. The shouters and the haters on the streets have managed to dominate the headlines and the way people think. It’s okay for Mugabe, who has murdered thousands of his citizens, to come to London and be feted, but not for Trump.

Oh, how I miss a bit of severe, stiff-collar demeanor to the “naturalistic” mode of today. The understatement of Terence Rattigan, the Brits who used to be ashamed of their emotions—this was the England I first came to. I remember seeing a tweedy lady of a very certain age with badges of pony clubs hanging from her handbag addressing a salesman in a chemist shop in a very la-di-da accent but a very soft voice: “I am so terribly sorry to bother you, but could you possibly tell me where the hair shampoos are located?”


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