February 10, 2011

Brian Williams

Brian Williams

So apparently we”€™re all having another “€œnational conversation”€ and “€œexperiencing something together”€ as Egypt unravels. I resent these media characterizations, since a “€œconversation”€ implies dialogue and, with all due respect, I confine my discourse to those whom I respect or admire (which includes damn few slick-coiffed empathy-mongers).

This is not to say that what is occurring along the Nile isn”€™t noteworthy. I merely resent the hysteria of reportage which would make the most incorrigible 19th-century menopausal matron seem like the silent Sphinx by comparison.

For the record, no one knows what will happen in Egypt. The governments of the US, the Arabian Peninsula, and our erstwhile weapons-purchaser in the region all would prefer that the current regime continue to reign. They just can”€™t say so out loud. The ordinary people of most of these nations, save the weapons-purchaser, lean toward letting the Egyptians be free. Naturally Mubarak wants to stay. Obviously ElBaradei hopes to be the new Mubarak.

As in every revolution (everywhere) everything depends on the policemen and lowest-level military. If they will fire on their own people, the revolution fails. If they will not, the revolution succeeds. That is all one needs to know about any revolution anywhere at any time in history. (Remember this rule, because I fear we”€™ll be seeing these scenes more frequently.) Beyond that, anyone who says he knows what will be is a fool or a liar.

“€œBrian Williams enjoys fairy tales and, one presumes, has polka-dot pajamas and sleeps under a unicorn-bedecked bedsheet.”€

Back to the topic at hand, which is Brian Williams. Not to argue personalities, but his shall serve as our moniker for all such cackling hyenas. With his crooked face, tilted smile, and lopsided eyes, he represents the American media in a near-Dickensian embodiment of everything we see broadcast these days. Yet had his bizarre appearance not been the tipoff to never believe a word he”€”again, representing media as a whole”€”says, it is the words that froth from his full mouth and empty head that stagger the thinking viewer.

His strict designations came soon after the “€œnational conversation”€ commenced during which we “€œall experienced together”€ whatever it is that is happening in Egypt. Oh, what designations they are! Suddenly, everyone is either pro-“€œgovernment”€ or anti-“€œgovernment.”€ The recently landed-from-Austria pretender ElBaradei is now the “€œOpposition Leader”€ despite many Egyptians resenting the fact that this Ahmed-come-lately hasn”€™t bothered to lead much of anything for the past decade except nuclear-factory inspections and foreign ski outings. An obscure plaza is “€œFreedom Square”€ despite being perceptibly shaped in the round.


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