February 04, 2014

So what is the matter with these people? Are they totally nuts? No, not at all”€”just greedy. Most of the press has been paid off by Qatar and the Saudis, as have many of the governments involved. Erdoğan the Turk is playing a double game, promising the Saudis that he will not stand in the way of a medieval Islamist caliphate run under a strict interpretation of sharia in Syria, all while ensuring naïve Americans and weak, idiotic Europeans that he will be at the center of a democratic new Syria with his know-how. The latest disinformation joke is that Uncle Sam and the Saudis along with the treacherous Turks are now in cahoots to help only the moderate rebels sponsored by Qatar”€”yet another great democracy”€”which reminds me again of that old joke about being a little bit pregnant. The Islamists will devour any rebel group that doesn”€™t play ball with strict sharia rules. Everyone knows it, but it looks good on paper when US aid starts pouring into Syrian rebel hands.

Let’s face it: We”€™re in a mess so long as we refuse to deal with Iran, an ancient country that could solve all the Middle East’s problems and rid of us of that terrible plague that is Saudi Arabia. Let’s start by telling Bibi to shut the hell up.



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