October 28, 2007

As the government of Turkey weighs whether to invade the single prosperous, relatively orderly part of Iraq—Kurdistan—one’s natural, Christian impulse is to pray for peace. The Kurds have been oppressed for far too long, they are U.S. allies, et cetera. An invasion of Kurdistan would set back Turkey’s apparent moves toward democracy and stop its march toward membership in the European Union….

Hey, wait a minute. Some turn of events that could stop the march of Islamist parties toward power in Ankara? Which could force the EU leaders to slam the door on Turkey? This is sounding better and better.

Remember that if Turkey joins the EU, every single person in Turkey will have the right to move anywhere in Europe, by treaty. As will anyone who can sneak into Turkey from its uncontrollable borders. It would mean the end of Christian Europe, period. Our mother Continent would be overwhelmed, never to reemerge. It would disappear as surely as Christian Syria, Christian Egypt, Christian Kosovo, Christian Bethlehem—never to rise again.

Given the already troubling difference between Islamic and Christian birthrates, the churches of Rome, Paris, Vienna, Dublin, and Warsaw would sooner or later end up mostly as mosques.  EU elites, who hate Christianity more than they love liberty, are willing to foster this process—even if it means their granddaughters will walk around in burkhas. At least they won’t be wearing crucifixes, or having large families. So that’s all right then.

Just about the only thing that will stop Turkey’s slide into EU membership is some catastrophic mistake—like an invasion of Kurdistan. So while I can’t exactly bring myself to hope for it, I’ll use my peace prayers on another country considering an ill-advised invasion. Our own.


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