December 08, 2014

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In the article’s wake, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity was suspended. Its windows were shattered with rocks and bricks by students who apparently think rape is wrong but that vandalism is A-OK if performed for the right cause.

Last Friday, Phi Kappa Psi issued a press release asserting that the house “€œdid not have a date function or a social event during the weekend of September 28th, 2012″€ and that “€œpledging and initiation periods…take place solely in the spring semester and not in the fall semester.”€ They also “€œvehemently”€ denied the claim that sexual assault is part of their initiation process, and to be honest, you”€™d think that if gang rape of a non-fraternity member was a time-honored ritual at the frat year after year, someone would have spilled the beans about it long before now…no?

Regardless, the cognitive dissonance among rad-femme trench monsters such as Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Valenti was louder than a Metallica concert last week. We were scolded and lectured that even if this story wasn”€™t, like, 100% accurate, well, um, OK, back the fuck up because sometimes rape victims are so traumatized that they bungle the facts and we should believe them anyway and that we really do live in a rape culture and that 1 in 5…no, 1 in 3…no, ALL women will eventually be gang-raped by blond frat-boy dudebros, nyah nyah nyah.

Feminist tropes have fed on themselves to the point where your modern female gender warrior resembles not some bold new breed, but rather your classic nagging wife with her hair in curlers and a rolling pin in her fist. They would have everyone believe”€”under penalty of imprisonment or at least eternal shunning and, hopefully, a gelding ceremony to be performed live on TV”€”that we truly live in a world where all women are constantly imperiled and constantly fearful. But the only true constant here is their insatiable urge to gripe.

The real problem is the opposite of what the peddlers of this stillborn, mutated idea that we live in a toxically misogynist “€œrape culture”€ insist it is”€”people don”€™t automatically disbelieve a woman who claims to have been raped; they reflexively and blindly believe her. And for falsely accused men, that’s the terrifying reality of our true modern “€œrape culture.”€


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