August 25, 2015

Source: Robert Tilton

As I watched, I naturally noted what each journalist claimed was Benny Hinn’s ministry’s annual revenue at the time of their broadcast. Three hours later, my notes read:

1993: $15 million.

1995: $33 million.

1996: $50 million

1998: $75 million

1999: $120 million

I naively wondered why Ole Anthony and all these investigative journalists didn”€™t notice that every time they tried to destroy Hinn’s “€œministry,”€ it actually grew. Something smelled off. I let my subscription to The Door lapse.

But I still took another, more serious, religious magazine, called First Things. That’s how I heard, six years later, that”€”you”€™ll never guess”€”Ole Anthony was, at least by some accounts, a pretty shady fellow himself: a “€œsociopath”€ and “€œcult leader,”€ some former Trinity staffers claimed.

And that initial Primetime Live investigation that made them famous and shut down Robert Tilton’s enterprise?

[A]n examination of thousands of pages of court documents in lawsuits triggered by the ABC exposé shows numerous misrepresentations by Anthony and his cohorts at ABC, who employed deceptive journalistic techniques that ended up embarrassing Diane Sawyer. Tilton’s lawyers proved that the prayer requests discovered by Trinity could not have been found [in the Dumpsters] as claimed: Thus, the most memorable part of the Primetime Live story was bogus.

That’s from a long-form 2006 Dallas Observer piece called “€œThe Cult of Ole.”€

Fast-forward to late last week. Like so many outlets, CBS News is praising John Oliver’s “€œprosperity gospel”€ smackdown.

They quoted an expert on these huckster preachers, who mocked the notion that “€œthe church community does a good job of policing itself.”€

“€œMy God,”€ the expert shot back. “€œThey should at least say that fraud is illegal in the name of God.”€

That expert, as you had guessed, was Ole Anthony.

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