November 27, 2023

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Sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick had an interesting theory about the Roman Empire—that it never actually ended. According to him, Rome’s Imperium merely shifted shape repeatedly down the centuries, its geopolitical center being found alternately in pre-Islamic Byzantium, Victorian London, 1930s Berlin, or today’s Washington, where the Emperors’ wicked ways continued to operate never-endingly under continual cloaked disguise.

I have recently concluded similarly about the old Ottoman Empire of Turkey, which ostensibly vanished into civilizational dust in the immediate post-1918 aftermath of the Sultanate’s final defeat in WWI. Dick developed his personal conspiracy theory as a result of a series of drug-induced encounters with a pink beam of light being beamed into his skull from a sentient, extraterrestrial satellite-machine floating somewhere up in outer space, named VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System). For my own part, I forsook dropping any LSD and talking to spacecraft, and settled instead for reading a fascinating new book, Enemy of the Disaster: Selected Political Writings, by a pathologically honest Frenchman named Renaud Camus.

Camus is most famous today for coining the term “Great Replacement,” used to describe the way the native white populations of the West are being increasingly substituted by hordes of unassimilable black Africans and brown Muslims from abroad, at the behest of…well, who knows? Some say George Soros; some say the Elders of Zion; others blame the dreaded World Economic Forum. For Camus himself, the true guilty party is a rather more unexpected individual: Adolf Hitler.

“A fatal error had been made: People had been confused with peoples.”

Renaud the Fox
Camus is often dismissed nowadays as a “conspiracy theorist,” a label that has long degenerated into a mere propaganda term. Laughably, critics try to pretend the phenomenon of the Great Replacement isn’t even occurring, despite clear demographic data to the contrary. As Camus has repeatedly said, his idea is not a conspiracy, it is an observation…an observation you would have to be willfully blind not to see.

The author of 100-plus books, the unashamedly homosexual Renaud was once best known for using his pink pen to compose his 1979 semiautobiographical novel Tricks, which featured explicit descriptions of his adventures with strange fellow Gauls in public toilets: “I put saliva in my ass, kneeled on both sides of him, and brought his penis, which was not of a very considerable size, inside me without much difficulty,” reads one typical passage about his passage.

For Camus, the West itself is being civilizationally bum-fucked itself into suffering a kind of “genocide by substitution,” but, unlike the AIDS-brained morons of Queers for Palestine, Camus is wise enough to realize that, if and when Islam takes over, his queer kind will be amongst the very first to be stoned to death by the imams of the coming Euro-Caliphate. The traditional white populations of Europe can have no common culture with their alien invaders, Camus perceives, as culture is essentially an inheritance of a race’s collective dead: and our dead are emphatically not their dead.

I recall once seeing an undercover news report about an illegal madrassa operating somewhere in the U.K., where, as the teacher was male and all the students female, the class had to be taught by the adult from the room next door, with his mouth poking comically through a small hole cut into the wall by the caretaker. When you end up with a situation where children are effectively being taught by a glory hole, you do have to question the possibility of viable inter-faith, inter-race dialogue truly taking place anywhere across our newly shared continent. Camus—no stranger to the traditional Western use of such orifices himself—would surely agree.

Secret Army
Camus’ epiphany about Le Grand Remplacement was born in the mid-1990s when, touring medieval villages on the French coast, he noticed they were no longer full of real Frenchmen like him, Asterix, and Charles de Gaulle, but strange Islamic substitutes, misleadingly mislabeled as legitimate and viable “Frenchmen” by utopian wishful thinkers. “In the space of a single generation, the population had completely changed,” he bemoaned. As so many of these foreign imports were unemployable, this meant “Europe is the first continent to pay for its own colonization” via its own benefits system (or jihad seeker’s allowance, as U.K.-based radical Anjem Choudary once called it).

A fatal error had been made: People had been confused with peoples. Individual foreign people, of goodwill and assimilable bent, could always be absorbed into a much larger native population of many millions. Collective foreign peoples, however, were completely different: “Peoples who remain peoples cannot join other peoples. They can only conquer them, submerge them, replace them.”

Camus noticed the Algerians et al. now squatting alongside him by the banlieue-load referred to white folk like him contemptuously as “the French,” clear proof they did not think of themselves as his fellow countrymen, no matter what their lying passports said, but as an ever-growing colonial occupying force. The innumerable petty criminals amongst France’s Muslim youth were not simply hooligans, but an actual army, “the military wing of the conquest,” whether such janissaries consciously knew they were continuing the age-old work of the Ottoman Empire or not.

By driving real Frenchmen out of their crime-ridden slums with their constant muggings, drug deals, burglaries, car torchings, bombings, and bum rapes, they only added to “the never-ending expansion of areas already subjugated by the neo-colonizers.” The infamous phenomenon of “white flight” was really a truth-veiling Newspeak synonym for “retreat from conquest.” When Suleiman the Magnificent marched up to the Gates of Vienna with his intended army of Islamic conquest in 1529, it turns out his tactics were all wrong: Instead of trying to barge his way in with trebuchets and battering rams, he should have just knocked politely on the door and claimed asylum.

The Empire Strikes Back
Technically, notes Camus, most Western empires did not actually colonize their subject peoples at all—they merely subjugated them temporarily, militarily speaking. True colonies were an ancient Greek invention, when men from Athens and Corinth went out to create replicas of their old Aegean cities in Asia Minor, settling these new city-state regions permanently and making them their own.

The British Empire did this too with America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but these permanent white colonies were atypical: Once Britain, France, and Holland withdrew from India, Indochina, and Africa, they took most of their temporary white governing class back with them. In today’s West, it is different. Unlike the British in India, the Africans and Arabs now pouring westward are here to stay. Forever.

Camus cites a speech (allegedly) given to the U.N. in 1974 Algerian President Houari Boumediene, to the effect that: “One day, millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends; they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it by populating it with their sons. It is our wives’ wombs that will give us victory.”

So why don’t the neo-Ottomans’ intended future subject-peoples in the West rise up and resist, in imitation of their more warlike ancestors like Ferdinand and Isabella? Because of the massively counterproductive actions of one of their warlike ancestors in particular: Adolf Hitler.

Imagine There’s No Countries…
One of Camus’ best essays is his 2007 piece “The Second Career of Adolf Hitler,” the career in question ironically being that of massive race-traitor. Under the long shadow of Adolf’s Holocaust, the white West’s entire “system of ontological protection” was dismantled as morally unacceptable: Terms like “homeland, inheritance, tradition, ancestors, roots, heritage, or us” became newly verboten.

But, whilst Hitler took these concepts too far, in milder form they were necessary for any race’s long-term survival. Dr. Mengele’s greatest victim was Europe herself: Hoping to remove the diseased Nazi organs, the ruinously overzealous postwar anti-racists who captured all our institutions cut out the healthy ones, too, leaving the West blind, deaf, brain-dead, and vegetative.

By sparking an initial Great Deculturation, in which schoolkids were systematically miseducated to ignore or despise their own history and culture, keeping the citizenry hooked on throwaway pop music, movies, and reality TV trash instead, utopian anti-racists thought they would all end up becoming fungible UHM: Undifferentiated Human Matter. Then, when millions of black and brown future UHM units were shipped in from abroad, they too would benefit, facing no racism and helping destroy Europe’s traditional heritage ever further, so a second Hitler could never arise.

The only problem was, these foreign UHM units did not become terribly deracinated and deculturated by exposure to reality TV, superhero flicks, and hip-hop at all. “It is all well and good to say…there are no more countries. If your compatriots are the only ones who believe you…you have merely condemned them body and soul to slavery” at the hands of those who do still believe in such alleged outmoded “falsities,” warns Camus.

In the name of “never again” regarding the Holocaust, under the influence of Europe’s sinister new presiding ghost, “Inverted Hitler,” conditions were being laid for a new one to potentially take place; many Muslim schoolkids in Europe simply refuse to learn about it, and brainwashed UHM teachers, citing misplaced concerns about “Islamophobia,” meekly acquiesce like the dhimmis they are.

Therefore, says Camus, our “anti-racist society, born of the Holocaust, will soon no longer be able to teach the Holocaust (for reasons of anti-racism).” The grim irony is that some of those leftist Jew-topians who most pushed for the West to be flooded with immigrants were deeply misguided Jewish organizations like America’s own ADL, who would increasingly appear only to have helped sign their own eventual death warrants.

Springtime for Hitler
A further irony is that certain alienated whites, glancing around at the gigantic Lebanon-style shit heap the West is rapidly becoming, now seek someone more comprehensible to blame than long-term impersonal sociopolitical forces like those Camus most spied at work, and end up blaming…the Jews (by which I mean the Jews collectively, rather than merely certain specific reprehensible Jewish individuals or organizations like Soros or the ADL, who do indeed bear some guilt here). Only recently, Elon Musk got into trouble for agreeing with this tweet:

Jewish commun[i]ties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that [they] support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much.

The White House quickly condemned Musk for supposedly endorsing the “conspiracy theory” of the Great Replacement, whilst various big media firms like Disney and Warner Bros. promptly pulled ads from Musk’s site. Guess what that will look like to the far-left, far-right, and assorted Islamist and black nationalist nutters who increasingly now populate Europe and America alike? That’s right, it will look like Jews secretly control our governments and media. Hmm. I wonder what some such people may one day try to do about this problem…?

It appears that, by helping cunningly replace the SS with the undercover soldiers of the neo-Ottomans from beyond the grave, Adolf Hitler has actually won his war of annihilation against the Jews in the end after all, then. That man really was a military genius, wasn’t he?

Steven Tucker’s new book Hitler’s & Stalin’s Misuse of Science: When Science Fiction Was Turned Into Science Fact by the Nazis and the Soviets is out now in hardback (Pen & Sword/Frontline Books). Buy it here (U.S.), here (U.K.), or here (direct from publisher).


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