May 09, 2016

Lonnie Franklin, Jr.

Lonnie Franklin, Jr.

Source: LAPD

Shouldn’t they be acknowledged for their burgeoning success in this area? Why should white serial killers hog all the attention? The answer is easy”€”it’s called “white privilege.” We, as a society marching forward toward progress and mutual understanding, should give black serial killers props for doing all the same things that white killers are famous for”€”strangling hookers, ritualistic abuse, necrophilia, cannibalism, star-crossed lovers who go on breathless interstate murder sprees, their crazy hearts all aflutter”€”you name it, they do it.

As with most things, blacks fall victim to racial profiling. In the cases of the Atlanta Child Murderer and the Beltway Snipers, police followed the FBI model that the typical serial killer is a white male, so they wasted time searching for white suspects. In the more recent case of Derrick Todd Lee, AKA The Baton Rouge Serial Killer, police allegedly took DNA samples from hundreds of white suspects before a break in the case led them to the black perp. And one of the initial suspects in LA’s Grim Sleeper case was white.

Watching people try to explain why black serial killers are denied the fame and publicity that is lavished upon their white counterparts is as amusing as watching anyone trying to explain anything about race in America these days. For those who identify with the political right, the stock explanation is that liberals slavishly worship blacks and therefore cannot find it within themselves to see black people as capable of such subhuman savagery, so the left-leaning media refuses to report such cases. Proggy academics write papers with titles such as “The Anonymity of African American Serial Killers: From Slavery to Prisons, A Continuum of Negative Imagery” and “African American Serial Killers: Over-Represented Yet Underacknowledged.” The gist of such hifalutin jibber-jabber is that in our white supremacist society, only white men are considered capable of the organizational skills and intelligence to pull off a string of murders before being caught. They say our celebrity-driven culture views white serial killers as iconic Übermenschen while cruelly denying blacks the right to stand alongside them as murderous superheroes. I have no doubt that someday soon, some well-meaning imbecile will launch a campaign demanding more comic books and T-shirts depicting black serial killers.

Many white negrophiles”€”and even one is too many”€”appear to think they’re helping black people’s self-esteem by finally spotlighting the wild, exotic, and heretofore unexplored phenomenon of black serial killers. It’s almost as if they think they’re helping to popularize obscure Mississippi Delta bluesmen who were unfairly overshadowed by The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Or to use a more contemporary example, Jeffrey Dahmer is Taylor Swift, while Lonnie Franklin, Jr. is Nicki Minaj. I encourage them all to start a hashtag campaign called #SerialKillersSoWhite.

It is an undeniable fact that our racist nation does not give black people credit for many things, and serial killing is no exception. It is time to end this injustice and let the world know that black serial killers are just as good as white ones”€”if not better!


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