June 14, 2016

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Turns out I didn”€™t know the half of it:

The paper has long had a history of clusterfucking, going back at least as far as the intern program of the 80s, a notorious bonkfest for horndog editors and naive young things straight out of J-skool. Senior editors rented an apartment near 1 Yonge that was referred to as the summer “€œfuck house.”€

Ah, liberal journalists! Your moral and intellectual superiors!! Old and tired? All the President’s Men. New hotness? All the Men’s Residents!

But let’s move on to another branch of the Canadian elite establishment: Parliament itself, where some dumb-ass wants to pass a law changing the lyrics to the national anthem because “€œin all thy sons command”€ is sexist.

Like our own Gavin McInnes, I guessed correctly that the human toothache behind this BS just had to be a Liberal Quebecer. And as Gavin points out, this Belanger guy is notably untroubled by the French lyrics to “€œO Canada,”€ which, unlike the Anglo version, mention “€œswords”€ and “€œcrosses”€ and other presumably “€œproblematic”€ stuff.

But what about “€œstand on guard for thee”€? Isn”€™t that biased against cripples? Because what I never could have seen coming was that this Quebec Liberal MP also has ALS, and apparently getting this bill passed is his dying wish, and come on, who will ever forget that time Lou Gehrig got up at Yankee Stadium and bitched about “€œThe Star-Spangled Banner”€?

(Hey, I see here that listening to “€œbaseball’s Gettysburg Address”€ “€œmade even hard-boiled reporters swallow hard,”€ which at least makes for a nice change, amirite?)

Anyway, this MP hasn”€™t convinced me that we need to make “O Canada” gender-neutral, but he has sold me on the merits of another looming Liberal bill: the one legalizing euthanasia.

Hell, at this point, right after they arrest me for being mean to trannies, I might just sign up to be offed myself. I”€™m not sure how much more of this merde I can take.


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