January 02, 2014

So the reason the mother and stepfather (of course he’s a stepfather, the biological dad is as unknown as the Unknown Soldier) are homeless is because the city, state, and federal government paid them for housing, but they spent it getting high instead. In the homeless shelter where Dasani now lives, her mother is always getting arrested for taking drugs. The city spends nearly $1 billion per year on the homeless, but the facts did not fit the sob story the Times was spinning. The letters from outraged bleeding hearts that followed were vomitif, to use a French word. In the meantime Dasani takes ballet lessons, goes to school, is a bright young child who has now found fame”€”and soon, I am sure, her fortune”€”while the rest of us foot the bill so the other nine members of her family can have fun.

When it comes to homosexuality, the Times leads the field, and not from behind, either, pun intended. In a fire-and-brimstone editorial it encourages athletes to cover themselves in pink ribbons to show their opposition to discriminatory laws; it also castigates Vladimir Putin for passing a law that prohibits queer lessons for children. In another editorial”€”the Times likes to mix them”€”it strongly hints that the TV program SNL should hire more blacks or else. Finally, the case with the ducks and Duck Dynasty had the Times huffing and puffing. A Christian had the gall to quote from the scriptures while saying he preferred women to men? Worse, as a devout Christian he called homos sinners. GLAAD and the Times have a pact of steel, no pun intended this time, and in reverse to the Führer and the Duce, the two are stifling free speech to one and all. A constitutionally protected right is no longer valid where GLAAD and the Times are concerned. And an American public zonked-out by television and violence on the screen is sleepily but happily going along. I think it’s about time someone wakes up and does something about it. In the land of the free, speech has been squelched by a bunch of bum bandits and those effete, penis-envying pen pushers who work at the Times. Time to stand up and holler.



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