April 17, 2015

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton

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When our first black president was elected, people took to the streets to cheer. It was the first time that many of us felt genuinely proud of our country. Who would have ever guessed that a nation so steeped in prejudice could look past their own bigotry and elect a black man? And he wasn”€™t just a black man. Barack Hussein Obama is a smooth operator who makes the ladies swoon and the guys drool over the idea of grabbing a beer with him. In many ways, he’s our first cool president.

So, let’s continue this tradition of dusting off the cobwebs of our racist, sexist past and have ourselves a female president. Hillary Clinton is a woman. That’s even more consequential than being a person of color (though not quite as huge as being gay). We tried males as presidents and it doesn”€™t work. Under male rule we have suffered endless foreign wars, a Civil War, a Great Depression, riots, poverty, unemployment and hatred. It’s time for love. It’s time for change.

Look around you. Every person you see came from a woman. Your mother was a woman. Traditionally, women have nurtured us, fed us, held us close and helped shape our lives. Though they are so much more than that. Women are heroes and mentors. They are mavericks and fighters. They are also leaders. It is time for them to lead and for us to let them.

“€œA woman president understands the need to care for everyone.”€

Nobody can deny that children are our future. They need to have a future, and a child can”€™t move forward without a strong education. Hillary feels for our children. She wants them to have a good education and she will tend to their needs in a way only a woman can.

Immigration is also a top priority in this country, but you can”€™t discuss the complexities of this systemic and institutional conundrum without first making sure our children our safe. We can”€™t just throw people out on the streets because of what their parents did. This is a nation of immigrants. They built this country. The future can leave no child behind if it is to be a future at all. America is a melting pot and we can never forget that diversity is our strength. This country is about welcoming people of all religions, cultures, races, and backgrounds to pursue the American dream. We don”€™t discriminate. This is the only country in the world where different religions walk hand in hand, proud to call themselves American.

The Republican party as of late hasn”€™t been acting very Christian. They seem to have forgotten that Jesus was here to help people. As a woman of God herself, Hillary Clinton likely vows to help the sick and the needy get the tools they need to succeed. This means lending a helping hand. That’s what women do. You can”€™t get to work or even look for a job if you”€™re down on your knees. You can”€™t plan for a future when your children’s bellies are empty. If you want to know what it’s like to face the day with no sleep and nothing to eat, just ask a mom with a newborn. It ain”€™t easy! Let’s get this nation back on its feet so it can get back to work. This way we can start closing the gap between rich and poor.

You see, Hillary believes in democracy. She is a warm, loving person that thinks everyone deserves a chance to pursue the American dream. Let’s put it this way, if little Johnny has 10 building blocks and little Suzy only has one, don”€™t you think it makes sense for Johnny to share some of his blocks with Suzy? Won”€™t both children be better off at the end of the day? Let’s be brave and give it a try.


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