May 03, 2016

Source: Bigstock

The English origins of America don”€™t disbar anyone from coming to the country and accepting our way of life. Ramirez and his family are welcome to become full-fledged citizens who accept our particularity, learn our language and customs, obey the law, and watch fireworks on the 4th of July. Yet they resist, insisting on holding tight to the heritage they abandoned by leaving their home. Their intransigence shows just how powerful, how close to the heart, human identity is.

The Czech author Milan Kundera famously wrote, “€œThe struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”€ Without a shared memory, social orders break down. The immigrant flood being engineered by liberals isn”€™t a bleeding-heart effort to alleviate the suffering of brown-skinned mendicants. It’s a deliberate effort to undermine the last traces of America’s thinning cohesion.

So here’s my advice for Mr. Ramirez: Like being an American? Bully for you. Also like your Mexican heritage? That’s cool too. But you want to maintain your dual identities in a country where a majority of citizens still see themselves as inheritors of the material and intellectual wealth bestowed by our forefathers?

Well, mi amigo, you”€™ve got to pick a side. Accept that many of us see ourselves as red-blooded Americans. Or, frankly, return to your ancestral homeland.

I”€™d bet a couple pesos that Mexican-Americans have no desire to pack up and fly south. Instead, they”€™ll turn America into Norte América Latina. The question for us of Euro stock is: What then? Does our country still exist? Will our unique traditions and institutions withstand the influx of an alien culture?

All of a sudden, tacos and hamburgers don”€™t sound so tasty together.


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