July 24, 2007

Citing Rod Dreher’s list of abandoned certainties in the face of the Iraq disaster, Andrew Sullivan titillates us with a promise to work up a list of his own. Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath in Sullivan’s case: after having done more than his bit in whipping up war hysteria against Iraq, and witch-hunting opponents of the war as bi-coastal “fifth column” in support of “the terrorists,” the former editor of The New Republic and blogger-par-excellence over at The Atlantic surely has a much longer list than practically anyone other than George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the New York Times editors who let Judy Miller’s tripe spill onto the front page of the Old Grey Lady. Lest this blog entry turn into a massive multi-volume work, then, I’ll just limit myself to a few suggested items for Senor Sullivan’s list of don’ts:

1) Don’t advocate a nuclear attack against a country unless you’re really really sure they deserve it.

2) Don’t listen to a thing Christopher Hitchens has to say—the man is just as unhinged now as you were then.

3) Stop smearing Antiwar.com—it doesn’t look good now that you’re trying to assert your antiwar credentials.

4) Remember when you attacked the poet Frank Bidart, whose work you interpreted as treasonous and “pro-terrorist”? As an act of contrition, how about an apology?

5) The next time you find yourself agreeing with Charles Krauthammer, Norman Podhoretz, and Bill Kristol, stop, take a deep breath—and reconsider your position.


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