Ann Coulter

What followed was another hour of liberals name-calling and bringing up straw-man arguments such as Trump wants to deport Muslims, Trump said all Mexicans are rapists, Trump is insane, etc., while Coulter calmly shot them down with facts. They claimed Trump’s language is incendiary and Coulter said BLM are the ones getting people killed. She pointed out that Al Sharpton’s speeches are often a call to violence that works. Then they brought up David Duke, who was in the KKK in 1967, a few years after Democratic senator Robert Byrd left. Ann will follow an argument wherever you want to take it, so instead of ignoring the bait she pointed out that David Duke speeches don”€™t lead to anyone getting killed. This made the woman across from me burst out laughing and I was so annoyed, I was forced to yell (yes, it was yelling room only), “€œWhat speech did he make that got people killed?”€ She said the KKK weren”€™t exactly nice, which was a mind-blowing wake-up call that took me hours to recover from.

As the panel spiraled out of control, the audience trumped them by being way more hysterical. The women were the loudest and I suspect it was a combination of not being able to handle their booze and being better suited in the home than in the dingy basement of a comedy club late at night. The right-wingers kept hollering about Obama and drowning out the speakers while the liberals screamed “€œBooo!”€ at everything they didn”€™t like. It was as though we were at a truce meeting between the Dead Rabbits and the Bowery Boys.

The gasping KKK woman’s husband across from me was counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance. Though he was civil and interesting when we shared drinks before the show, he became as unhinged as every other liberal the second Ann stepped out onto the stage. He yelled, “€œCan anyone say nuts?”€ after Ann spoke and laughed so bombastically throughout the show that Ann had to tell him to stop “€œfake laughing.”€ “€œOh, it’s real,”€ he insisted. He stood up to ask how anyone in their right mind could let Trump near nuclear weapons (a question that took about five minutes of preamble), and after Ann explained that Trump is not going to blow up the world, he cupped his hands and bellowed, “€œAtomic weapons!”€ again and again. Eventually I had to yell, “€œShut up!”€ at him and that worked but only for a few minutes.

Just when you thought the audience couldn”€™t get more ridiculous, a beta cuck in glasses and a preppy shirt summoned the courage to explain that he’s Jewish and asked Dr. Swain how she thinks he feels when she talks about America’s “€œChristian values.”€ Instead of pointing out he’s a mere 2% of the population and America was founded on Christianity, she simply corrected him by explaining she had said, “€œJudeo-Christian values.”€ He then blurted out, “€œANN COULTER IS THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD”€ and plonked down on his chair. I was staring at him and thinking about choking him out when I saw him chug his beer about ten times in a row. This political action got his adrenaline pumping and I”€™m sure he called his Bubbe the second he got cell-phone reception upstairs. Women ruined this debate and I”€™m including him in that charge.

It was a night far from the white male Christian patriarchy and the only person keeping it together was the only person who respects it. Ann realized the night had become a ridiculous catfight and instead of letting it go to waste, she made it about the candidate who makes patriarchs proud. In Trump we trust.


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