February 14, 2013

NUMBERS: Chain migration will swell the 11 million to 30 or more.

CROOKS: Shadowy types aren”€™t going to “€œcome out of the shadows.”€

JOBS: The ones Americans won”€™t do.

PREFERENCES: Affirmative action.

GUESTS: We already have guest worker programs that don”€™t work.

WELFARE: Strain on social services.

FRAUD: A surge of document and identity fraud.

OVERSTAYS: Half the problem won’t be addressed.

LINE: Amnesty beneficiaries won”€™t be “€œjoining the back of the line.”€

MESSAGE: The plan will tell the world it’s good strategy to break our laws.

You can then take the initial letters of those ten words and try for mnemonics. There is no true acronym there, not even one as lame as “€œRoy G. Biv,”€ NCJPGWFOLM being unpronounceable to anyone but an Albanian. You can still work up mnemonics, though, with sense tailored to personal taste, though a good mnemonic shouldn”€™t make too much sense or it won”€™t stick in the mind.

“€¢ Political: “€œNobody can justify President George W. fighting over Lower Mesopotamia.”€

“€¢ Religious: “€œNicene Creed? Just perform God’s will, furthering Our Lord’s majesty.”€

“€¢ Literary: “€œNovelist colleagues joined P. G. Wodehouse for official laugh marathon.”€

“€¢ Racially resentful: “€œNine Chinese Jews picked goy white females over local maids.”€

“€¢ Alternative Right snarky: “€œNeoCon John Podhoretz goosed women for old lazy men.”€

“€¢ Utterly nonsensical: “€œNice conservative Japanese Protestants gladly will fight over lost marbles.”€

Once you get started you can do this all day long.

Superior to these letter mnemonics, but harder to construct, is the word mnemonic along the lines of the one I learned for the Ten Commandments: “€œOne idle damn Sunday, Dad killed cheating thief and lied to cover it.”€ Try this for those anti-amnesty points: “€œChain Gang Labor Preferred: Guest Moocher Forged Visa, Awaits Reward.”€ 

More superior yet is the verse mnemonic. Here’s my contribution, with one line per Tribune guy debating point. You can actually sing it to the tune of “€œHark the Herald Angels Sing.”€ We don”€™t do things by halves here at Taki’s Magazine.

Numbers swell from chain migration,
Nasty types don”€™t follow rules.
Labor market inundation,
They”€™ll get pref”€™rence in our schools.
Guest worker visas? We have many.
Welfare system will be wrecked.
Forgeries are ten a penny,
Tourist exits are not checked.
The “€œline”€ is nineteen years long,
And here’s a prize for doing wrong!

Join the fight, readers!



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