February 01, 2008

The most gruesome sight imaginable was Rudy Giuliani taking the oath of the highest office in the land sometime early next year. In fact, I had nightmares about it. Giuliani the gravedigger standing on the steps of the Capitol and swearing to uphold the Constitution. Giuliani is the inspector Javert personified, cruel, vindictive and unforgiving. But worse are the bums he would have swept into power with him: the Podhoretzes, Daniel Pipes, Michael Rubin, Martin Kramer, and so on. All neo-cons, all Israel Firsters, all committed to war until Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority come under Israeli orders. And let us not forget Iran. If those crum bums got into the White House, the mushroom clouds would be over Iran in a jiffy.

Americans, however, had different ideas. Once upon a time Americans were considered compassionate, friendly, and generous. They still are, as far as I am concerned, but I’m among the few who know it. The rest of the world hates Uncle Sam and puts him on a par with Hitler and Stalin for throwing his weight around. Poor George W. never had a chance, did he? With people like Kristol and Frum, Feith and Wolfowitz, it would have needed the brains of George W— as in Washington—to remain an effective leader. Now that the neo-cons wrecked the 43rd presidency, they were eager to get into the act early with Giuliani, a man who should now try horror films and forget public relations. He’d be very good at playing evil undertakers who buries innocent young people alive.

Which brings me to ABC, Anyone But Clinton, where the Democrats are concerned. I never thought I’d see the day where I would agree with anything Ted Kennedy had to say, but he hit the nail on the head when he finally admitted that the Clintons—because we will have a dual presidency if that woman gets elected—are not only demonizers of their opponents—any opponent, even if our Lord Jesus came down and decided to run—but also have a propensity to lie even when the truth serves them better. Taking the low road is the only road the Clintons know. They defame and distort and vilify anyone who stands in their way and call it politics. Al Capone would be proud of them for getting it done without wasting bullets or risking jail time.

But Hillary will, I fear, get the nomination. We may have been saved from Giuliani, but we still might see Sid the scumbag Blumenthal back in the White House whispering in the Clinton ears and destroying opponents. God help America.


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