January 21, 2013

Christian Bale as Batman

Christian Bale as Batman

Moments after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School ended, theories of government complicity in the tragedy began. Some have been worthy of exploration, while many are patently ludicrous. Whether these incredibly feeble “€œtheories”€ are being propagated as political disinformation or by speculators who seem only slightly saner than Lanza himself, we can here dismiss some of them.

That the name “€œSandy Hook”€ appears in the most recent Batman film means precisely nothing. The map scene depicts a small island near the sea. Across America there are literally thousands of “€œSandy”€ place names that appear near water because, quite simply, there is sand near water. That two places have a similar (or even the same) name is coincidence only.
Others say that some points on the movie map match the area of the shooting, except not quite. This phenomenon signifies only an overactive imagination. If someone tries explaining the world to you and mentions Batman within the first sentence, immediately walk away.
Query has been made whether one of the deceased children eerily appears in a photo with President Obama just before the Sandy Hook memorial service. Even cursory investigation reveals this is a victim’s sister.

“€œIf someone tries explaining the world to you and mentions Batman within the first sentence, immediately walk away.”€

While it’s curious that she is wearing an identical dress to that of her dead sibling, for anyone with even meager life experience such things are not “€œsuspicious.”€ Widows often keep their husbands”€™ old clothes for decades. RFK reportedly went weeks wearing JFK’s suits after that tragedy. It may not be rational, but it’s what some people do, and it’s completely normal.

Gene Rosen (AKA Overemotional Sandy Hook Bystander Guy) is again doing the television rounds (again overemotionally). He’s telling anyone who will listen that he has been receiving death threats”€”well, at least some very nasty comments (which are the same to the unstably hyperemotional).

Is Rosen complicit in a vast conspiracy? Yes, but only the modern one of relentless self-promotion. He barely choked back tears, repeatedly, to dozens of news outlets all over the country. This alone makes any balanced person question his motives. Minor witnesses to history are obligated to tell their stories, but not make a living at it. He has altered his story significantly on several occasions. Sometimes Rosen relates his tale calmly (no media present), sometimes he is barely coherent (live feed to the nation).

Were there any children at Rosen’s house that day? Probably, but who knows? When assessing a person’s veracity, just ask yourself the following: Would I buy a used car from this guy? Not a chance. But it just means he’s an ass, not an assassin.

One of the more plausible theories, and one which actually did necessitate inquiry, was the seeming arrest of Christopher Rodia as broadcast over a police scanner at the time. Rodia has connections which have run afoul of the law previously and it is well known that authorities sometimes “€œturn”€ such types to their own ends. Since there was at least one witness from inside the school who reported more than one possible shooter, this seemed to be hard evidence that perhaps something was up.

After due diligence it now appears that Rodia was not complicit in the act, but was himself a victim of circumstance. The scanner in question had a radius of fifty miles and the incident simply coincided with the events at Sandy Hook and was not connected with them. This was a legitimate lead, and one the “€œlegitimate”€ media failed to explain immediately, but it was a red herring just the same.


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