February 13, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

“Again with the cockeyed optimism,” you may say, but I do believe some turn in this direction is taking place. I attend a lot of race-realist and PC-defying clubs and conferences. I am always heartened to see the number of young people at these events, and I’m somewhat specially heartened at the number of smart young Jews. (Along with some smart older ones.) It may even be that an accelerant here is the smash-mouth ethnocentrism of Israeli Jewry, though I’ll allow that could push in more than one direction.

As a further data point in this zone I refer you to Naomi Schaefer Riley’s column in Tuesday’s New York Post. Ms. Schaefer Riley is a pretty good egg as center-right columnists go: not really a fount of human-sciences insights, but skeptical and frank, with a nice line in plain common sense. During the pre-election PC-ovshchina back in the spring of 2012, the Chronicle of Higher Education dropped her for noticing that the published output of Black Studies departments is illiterate dreck. The anti-racist bedwetters crowed triumphantly at her dismissal. Naturally I feel some slight kinship. Perhaps we could compare notes sometime?

Here is Ms. Schaefer Riley“€”a Jewish woman married to an IWSB“€”in America’s Newspaper of Record this Tuesday: 

Like their peers across the country, [affirmative action-favoring] college administrators assume that if there is not a perfect representation of all races in all schools (or businesses or comedy shows, for that matter) it must be the result of discrimination….It hardly matters to proponents of these policies that they wind up passing over more qualified candidates and discriminating against groups like Asian-Americans, or even that the “beneficiaries” of their policies are often unable to meet the requirements necessary for graduation.

So then, black group underachievement is not “the result of discrimination”? OMG! Someone call the Thought Police! 

Ms. Schaefer Riley isn’t exactly ready to sign up for the American Renaissance conference. That would be too much to expect at this point. She’s arguing for a color-blind society: a perfectly reasonable wish”€”indeed, well-nigh a fact”€”among the Harvard graduates and Wall Street Journal editors she moves among, but a fantasy down in the lower quintiles. Look how close she skated to race realism there, though. Give it one more generation, I say.

With the swelling flow of news from the sciences and rising cynicism among the young, the citadel of PC may yet crumble and be washed away. Nothing lasts forever.


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