February 02, 2012

St. Moritz

St. Moritz

GSTAAD—OK, sports fans! The Davos irrelevance is over, Gstaad is covered with the white stuff, and in St. Moritz the Russian crooks are making a Stalingrad-like siege on the town’s ultra-expensive boutiques.

Let’s start with Davos, where publicity-seeking Shylocks such as George Soros pretended to be against income inequality. What phonies these bums are, just as bad as the Occupy protesters but with two or three private jets and large ugly stinkpot yachts (unlike Taki, who has a large but beautiful sailing boat). Growth for the sake of growth is a capitalist mantra, and bubbles will always burst. The Occupy protesters are pissing against a tsunami. There’s nothing they can do except get on the telly for their 15 seconds, as they have yet to come up with a solution to capitalism’s problems.

“European diplomats asking for more money is as obscene as it gets.”

The flawed currency union has bankrupted Europe. I predict a permanent slump in the old continent’s southern part, at least in my lifetime. I am not exactly gleeful when I read that this Ashton woman in Brussels is seeking an extra 22 million pounds for her euro diplomats. The continent is bust, mothers cannot feed their children in Greece, and this grotesque alleged female has breached her budget and demands extra money. My father, who knew a thing or two about these parasites, would always ask a diplomat how rich was the wife he had married. Comment, s’il-vous plait?—they would fake outrage in the language of diplomacy, but dad would say he never met a diplomat who wasn’t a gigolo at heart. That would end the civilized conversation.

Old dad may have been a bit tough on that species, but he had a point. Diplomats have good manners but they also live off others, and this Ashton woman can hardly speak French. They’re all a bunch of parasites, especially if they can’t recite a bit of Molière like a bourgeois gentleman should. European diplomats asking for more money is as obscene as it gets.


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