November 30, 2015

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The weekend before last, Donald Trump egged on a frenzied crowd of sweaty Alabama rednecks as they beat, kicked, and bludgeoned a peaceful Black Lives Matter activist, while last Monday night five peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors in Minneapolis were shot by a group of armed white supremacists who came looking for trouble and fired wantonly into the crowd. This is all part of the ongoing terror and violence that our white supremacist society routinely rains down on noble, longsuffering black Americans.

Of course that’s all bullshit. But that’s the impression you’d get from reading most media accounts.

Let’s “deconstruct” these real-life events, shall we?

According to the Daily Beast, the black protester at the Alabama Trump rally, one Mercutio Southall, Jr., was “beaten” by the crowd and is planning to file hate-crime charges. Donald Trump is being considered as a possible accessory to the crime. The New York Times also states as fact that he was “beaten.” The Washington Post says that he was “punched.” Keep in mind that in the absence of clear evidence and a criminal trial, reporters are supposed to insert an “allegedly” or “reportedly.” But in all these cases, they claim without equivocation that a crowd of fat old angry white bigots assaulted this man.

Here is video of the beginning of the fracas with Southall. From what I can tell, he’s screaming and elbowing and gesticulating and generally being a bellicose prick. But I don’t see him getting punched or beaten. And here is video from a CNN reporter stating that Southall “was shoved, tackled, punched & kicked.”

“The entire Black Lives Matter phenomenon is moored in lies and rampaging innumeracy.”

I’ve closely watched the latter video at least ten times, and the only person I can see throwing a punch is Southall.

When one’s entire identity revolves around being persecuted…yet to one’s extreme dismay people aren’t actually persecuting you…one must often resort to making shit up. What’s truly unsettling is how easy it is these days for these blatant liars to be believed.

Despite the fact that the Birmingham crowd who came to see Trump was estimated to be at least 10,000 strong, Southall claims his mission was to start barking from the crowd to inform Trump “he’s not welcome here.”

What level of delusionally meddlesome asshole must one be to go somewhere you’re obviously not welcome merely so you can bark to the star of the show that he isn’t welcome?

As luck would have it, back when he wasn’t a full-time shit-disturber, Southall had attended police academy but was too goddamned fat to pass the physical test. Since then he has been repeatedly arrested for making a public nuisance of himself. He estimates he has been Tasered 30 times as a result of his “activism.” He says his mom was married to a “crackhead,” but for some reason he still seems to find white police more of a threat to his four younger sisters than the fact that his mom was married to a crackhead.

Southall had previously been involved in a two-hour armed standoff with police on July 4, 2014. Since then he has been arrested for public disturbances last December, this past April, and in October. Apparently he thinks taunting police with guns is the best way to keep his four younger sisters safe.

“I’m about black people,” Southall told a reporter. “I’m not a racist, but I am about my people.”

What a sweet sentiment. Let’s see a white guy try to get away with saying exactly the same thing.

Despite Southall’s clear record of being a gleefully full-throttle agitator, a Birmingham police official was deemed a Jim Crow-era tobacco-chawin’ bigot for referring to him as an “agitator.”

In Minneapolis last Monday night, five Black Lives Matter protestors were shot by someone in a group of three white males who’d attended the protest. In report after report, the whites were referred to as “white supremacists” who sprayed lead at “peaceful” protestors. There was no journalistic equivocation, no “alleged””€”this was all stated as fact.

The evidence that they were white supremacists? Simple hearsay from a spokeswoman for Black Lives Matter as well as from the aptly surnamed Nekima Levy-Pounds, who told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “I am obviously appalled that white supremacists would open fire on nonviolent, peaceful protesters.”

That’s nice, Ms. Pounds, but what does the video evidence show?

It shows an angry mob of blacks surrounding and repeatedly sucker-punching someone who’s recording the event on his phone camera. It also shows two black males explaining that they were confused about whether the whites were actually “white supremacists” since one of the whites was holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign. It also shows those two black males explaining that the whites were surrounded, chased, and repeatedly punched before they reached for their guns.

But again and again, despite the clear evidence, the press described the black protestors as peaceful while referring to the whites they punched and chased as “white supremacists.”

Allow me to gently suggest that for all intents and purposes, objective journalism no longer exists in the United States.

The entire Black Lives Matter phenomenon is moored in lies and rampaging innumeracy. The idea that black Americans are routinely hunted down like wild game and shot cold by bloodthirsty white police officers”€”and especially the idea that this is the main threat to “black lives””€”stands in screaming contrast to reality.

To his severe discredit, Donald Trump recently tweeted an image about interracial crime statistics that was factually inaccurate.


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