April 28, 2015

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Not much makes me miss the Seventies. Certainly not Blazing Saddles. Not even The Godfather (1972), a highly overrated film that’s mostly long stretches of beige.

The making of The Godfather is a far more fascinating story.

As Steve Sailer has noted, that’s thanks in large part to the stranger-than-fiction shenanigans of those pioneering racial grievance-mongers, the Italian-American Civil Rights League.

In the “€œethnic pride”€ spirit of the era, the League pretended to find the then in-the-making Coppola epic “€œoffensive to Italians“€ and held huge rallies to that effect.

That this “€œcivil rights”€ organization was run by Five Families don Joe Colombo, Sr. wasn”€™t, as I vaguely recall, considered worth dwelling upon by most of the media.

(And I guess when you consider how many shakedown artists populate similar groups…)

Real-life wiseguy Gianni Russo got the coveted role of brother-in-law “€œCarlo”€ in the film, in exchange for brokering an agreement between the League/Mafia and Paramount Studios, who”€™d been subjected to such “€œshame if something were to happen to it”€ goings on as the studio’s front gates getting blown off.

Or maybe that should read “€œParamount Studios/Mafia”€ because, at least as Russo (who also claims to have murdered a number of men “€” “€œin self defense”€ “€” and bedded Marilyn Monroe as a teenager) tells it:

“€œCharlie Bluhdorn just bought Paramount, Gulf and Western, and had connections with the mob in Milan and he didn’t want that to come out. And that’s what the threat and the rumor was all the time, about they [the studio] was gonna pull the plug out because the last thing he wanted to do was make a mob movie.”€

Meanwhile, “€œ[The League] are picketing the FBI building down on Madison Avenue about “€˜anti-defamation”€™ and all that. It was all bullshit.”€”€¨”€¨Russo says he told Colombo and his fellow mobsters to read the script “€” “cuz I knew they couldn’t read anyway” “€“ and he”€™d pass their “€œsuggestions”€ along to The Godfather crew. (The word “€œMafia”€ isn”€™t uttered once in the finished movie.)

Besides, the League was wasting their time selling “€œItalian Pride”€ buttons at League protests for a buck, Russo told “€œSenior.”€

He”€™d fix it so the mob would get to sell exclusive tickets to all The Godfather premiers for “€œa hundred bucks a pop”€ instead.

“€œThat’s all they were interested in, makin’ money,”€ Russo says today. “€œThey didn’t care about ‘defamation’ and anything like that. They’re all killers.”€


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