February 27, 2015

On Tuesday, the New York Post covered their front page with the headline “€œAll About the Money,”€ featuring Eric Garner’s daughter rubbing her fingers together to define Al Sharpton. The image was from a stunning sting video that James O”€™Keefe’s Project Veritas just put together to expose Al Sharpton for what he really is: an extortionist.

“€œLet’s call it what it is,”€ says a Brooklyn businessman and self-proclaimed friend of Al Sharpton in a Trayvon rally video included in the series. “€œThey”€™re shakedown [guys].”€ Later, a prominent Mike Brown activist admits she’s “€œnot quite sure what Al Sharpton did”€ to help, despite all his self-aggrandizing over their cause.

O”€™Keefe’s latest work is a conclusive trifecta that proves the supporters of Garner, Martin, and Brown don”€™t see Sharpton as an ally. They see him as a self-promoting cash shark.

Being the oblivious buffoon that he is, Sharpton responded by paying these people to promote him. He started a trust for Garner’s daughter which she admits will be used to “€œhelp with bills and my 5-year-old daughter.”€ After receiving the money, the family got together to issue a statement that mentions Sharpton and National Action Network half a dozen times each, and concludes: “€œ[T]he best way to continue to seek justice and honor Eric”€ is to attend a rally with Sharpton and NAN. It appears the only things that matters more than black lives are greenbacks.

Full disclosure: I”€™ve been working with Project Veritas since summer and was tangentially involved with this whole operation. James and I went undercover to a die-in at Grand Central Station and I attended several anti-cop rallies armed with a hidden camera. For every five seconds of gold Veritas gets, there are hundreds of hours of garbage left on the cutting-room floor. James is very picky about his footage and unless it’s blatant hypocrisy and corruption from a major figure, he doesn”€™t have time for it. When Gaddhafi declared himself the “€œKing of Kings“€ in Africa, he kept hidden his disdain for “€œignorant Africans.”€ That’s the kind of scoop Project Veritas is focused on. I”€™d love to get something like that in the future, but for now I”€™m stuck on the cutting room floor. However, there are still a lot of fun tidbits in the detritus. At the very least, it’s funny down here.

“€œIt can”€™t be easy convincing cop haters that the best solution to their problems is a communist dictatorship. How do you get someone to promote a police state while screaming about police transparency? Pay them.”€

When we went to the die-in, we were given the opportunity to hug a man who knew someone who was killed by police. The circumstances behind the “€œmurder”€ were not clear but the white protestors didn”€™t care. They were looking for self-flagellation. One white guy started bawling his eyes out as he held the unimpressed black man and I had to bite my lip not to laugh. I approached this crybaby after the incident, and he told me how gut-wrenching it is to meet someone who has experienced “€œthe loss in their own life,”€ and alas, the world doesn”€™t understand what’s going on here. He was holding a sign that said “€œRacism kills,”€ and I can”€™t imagine him ever getting laid or having any friends at all. Ghetto blacks at war with police don”€™t appreciate crying white liberals. They see them as weak because they are.

I attended a #BlackLivesMatter at their “€œSolidarity Center”€ and sat next to a young black woman who went straight to sleep the second she sat down. She didn”€™t wake up until it was time to leave two hours later. Across from her sat a grotesquely obese, white “€œhomeless”€ man who didn”€™t stop stuffing his face with free chicken until it was time to check his iPhone. He went back and forth with both indulgences without looking up the entire time. When we got there, every single person in the room had to say who they were and where they were from. There were 50 of us so it took up almost half the meeting. At least conservatives get to the point. This ridiculous mess is a big part of today’s civil rights experience.

It’s depressing if you don”€™t drink, but as an alcoholic, I find it all pretty darn amusing, especially Sharpton himself. He’s hilarious. The “€œAl Sharpton vs. the Teleprompter”€ videos, which have millions of views, show him mispronouncing words like “€œgiddy,”€ “€œtortoise,”€ “€œhubris,”€ “€œLimbaugh,”€ “€œCairo,”€ “€œLatvia,”€ “€œBeijing,”€ “€œappropriate,”€ and “€œprotection,”€ to name a few. I would gladly donate to NAN if they could get him to read “€œaerosol”€ aloud.

While garbage-picking through the footage, I began to notice a pattern. The sleeping woman was not an anomaly. Something fishy was going on here, and it reeked of heavily-funded communism.

When we were at the die-in, there were two tiny lesbian-looking lawyers who were handing out beautifully made signs that were anything but grassroots. The rally consisted mostly of our leader (I believe her name was “€œthe Justice Jester”€) leading a repetitive chant. She”€™d say things like “€œWE REJECT”€ and we”€™d all go, “€œWe reject.”€ Then she”€™d say, “€œTHE INJUSTICE,”€ and we”€™d mumble “€œThe injustice,”€ before she added “€œBROUGHT DOWN ON US BY THE POLICE,”€ and we”€™d say, “€œBrought down on us by the police.”€ (We were surrounded by hardworking cops who would prevent commuters from harassing us this whole time.)

They”€™re not exactly subtle about their brainwashing. It’s textbook Stalinism. A good portion of all these meetings and demonstrations had attendees who were clearly not interested in anything but their daily stipend. I asked a cop in St. Louis about it, and he said, “€œThis sustained assault on public order is most certainly not organic, and I believe more than racially based, it’s funded and directed by commie front groups.”€

It sounds like a very Archie Bunkerish thing to say, but communist propaganda is all over the place at these meetings. I grabbed every pamphlet I could and it was hard to find one without a red star on it. The magazine Red Flag has a hammer and sickle above black protestors and the headline, “€œIt is Right to Rebel.”€ Half the time I had to check to make sure I wasn”€™t at an Industrial Workers of the World convention.

In fact, the IWW often gripes that #BlackLivesMatter spends too much time on black lives and not enough on the workers. “€œPeople need to stop making things about race,”€ lamented the IWW blog The Organizer. I got on a #BlackLivesMatter email list and was disturbed by a sentence in one of the daily letters about protests that week (there must be at least one a day going on since Ferguson).


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