February 13, 2009

With the recent observation of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, it might be worth looking at what the last two centuries have wrought. George Washington’s vision of a humble constitutional republic, decentralized and debt free, has been replaced by an imperial superpower, where U.S. influence not only spans the globe, but the globe foots the bill, as presidents and Congress hastily pass “€œbailouts”€ and “€œstimulus packages”€ in the hopes that China and other foreign nations will keep America financially afloat. Washington’s farewell address, in which he urged a young republic to avoid “€œforeign entanglements”€ has been rejected by an America forever searching for foreign nations to tangle with. With the nationalization of significant parts of our economy, the Founders”€™ attempt at republican democracy further descends into empire. Perhaps it is time Americans were honest about their Caesar?

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