February 20, 2008

Last week I talked about how Clinton-hating dumbed down the Right. Well, good old Bill is doing his best to further that process again, by making himself so easy to hate—and showing the sheer ugliness of the leftist establishment he represents. For a few minutes after watching the video below, I was tempted to think, “We’ve GOT to beat the Democrats, I don’t care with what. If McCain is the best we can do, that’s a dirty shame, but THOSE PEOPLE (General Lee’s polite euphemism for invading Yankees) have got to be stopped. What are a few dead Arab civilians here and there, compared to all the American babies we might save?” See—I just lost about 40 IQ points there….

What provoked this sudden swing across the bell curve? Look for yourself, as the once “pro-life” Gov. of Arkansas confronts pro-life students from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, loses his cool, and begins to rant—asserting the outright lie that pro-lifers want to imprison women who have abortions (thanks to the Hudson Valley Coalition for Life for emailing me about this):

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Sometimes I’ve wondered why certain men like Bill Clinton and Rudy Giuliani (and others I have met, not briefly enough, at “conservative” cocktail parties) get so exercised on the subject of keeping abortion cheap and legal. Upon reflection, the one thing those men I’ve met had in common is that they are philanderers. Men with the hearts of boys who drop their baby batter left and right like a drunk pastry chef. And who cleans up the mess? The friendly neighborhood “women’s reproductive health care provider.” As Joe Sobran once wisely reflected: To one kind of man, a pregnant woman is a broken toy, and the abortionist the toymaker who fixes her up again.

Given the score of ripped cheap satin bodices Bill has racked up—which thanks to Kenneth Starr we know all about—and the average contraceptive failure rate of 10%, it doesn’t take a math whiz to calculate that Bill has probably been responsible for at least one “exercise of a woman’s constitutionally protected right of privacy.” Who knows if he sent an aide to drive his recent “beloved” to the clinic, or simply forked over a stack of wrinkled 20s in the back of an airport lounge? But the sheer, defensive fury with which Clinton answered the presence of a bunch of hymn-singing charismatic Catholic with cardboard signs tells me that old Bill’s passions were stoked by a lot more than the overpowering logic of Justice Blackmun’s arguments. The reddened face, the sheer outrage, the farrago of lies… you’d think somebody had sprinkled him with holy water.

So here’s the question I’d like to propose, for the next intrepid journalist who gets the chance to interview a “pro-choice” male politician: 

“Governor/Senator/Congressman, if I might: For how many abortions have you personally been responsible?”

Just asking, folks.


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