February 13, 2007

The Boston Globe praises Saudi Arabia and its rulers for its diplomatic finesse in brokering a cease-fire between Hamas and Fatah. This is the way it should be. When someone finally does something good, they should be praised. Up to a point, that is. For far too long the Saudi ruling kleptocracy—because that’s all it really is—has bought safety for itself by paying off regional thugs and relying on the American safety umbrella. Personally I cannot ever forget that the first thing the Bush administration did following 9/11 was to fly Saudi ruling family relations to safety. In other words, away from Texas or other parts north in continental United States, and back to the sandy haven which is Saudi Arabia.

The other little thing that sticks to mind is the fact that the wife of “Prince” Bandar, the then Saudi ambassador to Washington and now a very big shot in the Saudi government, was caught red-handed giving money to an Arab charity which was a front for terrorist activities against America. Sure, it eventually blew over after millions were spent by the Saudis in damage control, but the facts were clear back then as they are now. The Saudis are the main culprits in financing terrorism against the West.

American corporations and their catamites in Congress may pretend the Saudis are nice guys—only dumb people kick those who pay them—but some of us can still tell the difference between a snake and a swan. Take, for example, a Moslem faith school in central London, totally financed by the Saudi government and named after King Fahad, a man I used to gamble with and who died from over-eating and over-indulging himself. (He was supposedly a great friend of the West. Western hookers, Western whiskey and Western gambling joints is much closer to the truth).

Pupils at the King Fahad Academy have been heard saying they want to kill Americans, praising 9/11 and describing Osama bin Laden as a hero.  That’s par for the course. What is not is the description of Jewish people as monkeys and Christians as pigs in the school’s textbooks which are produced by the Saudi government. Now as everyone who has not been in an Alaskan jail these last fifty years knows, the Saudis make Bill and Hillary Clinton sound almost truthful by comparison. Lying to a Saudi is like swimming to a fish.  What I’d like to know is what excuse the billionaire kleptocrat-towelheads will come up with this time? The textbooks include a footnote saying that the Jews who observe the Sabbath are the monkeys and the Christians are the pigs. The footnote follows a passage where the Koran is quoted which refers to God turning people into pigs and monkeys as a punishment—but leaves out that this is for failing to observe the Sabbath. The school’s sister academy in Bonn, Germany, has also been identified by German intelligence services as a breeding ground and as a meeting place for Moslem activists linked to terrorism.

No wonder then that among British Moslems aged 16 to 24, 37 % would prefer to live under Sharia law in Britain, and 36% think that Moslems converting to another religion should be punished by death. For British Moslems over 55 years of age, however, the figures are much lower. Which proves that the education system in Britain has been turned topsy-turvy by multiculturalism and political correctness.

What are the British authorities doing about this alarming state of affairs? Very little, is the answer, except for the usual announcements from government flaks that extremism will not be tolerated and blah, blah, blah. Americans should follow events in “Eurabia” (as many of us now call the old continent) closely. The alienation of young Moslems is largely due to twenty or more years of official multiculturalism. This orthodoxy has emphasized differences between cultures, and has promoted a sense of grievance which in turn amounts to full-blown victimhood by the Moslems. Non-Moslem journalists and politicians have bent over backwards to extremist demands, along with commentators and human rights activists in the victim industry. Any criticism of Islam is compared to Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews, with the mayor of London calling for the end of the “orgy of Islamophobia” by the media. Abe Foxman, in reverse.

Radical preachers in mosques all over Europe call for the beheading of all Moslems joining an infidel army, such as the British one, and preach inflammatory anti-Western sermons daily and openly. Freedom of speech and politically correct attitudes keep them safely far from the arm of the law.  Even to draw attention to such practices is to be labeled a racist. In the name of religious tolerance we now have come to expect as perfectly reasonable every manifestation of Moslem intolerance for any aspect of the Western way of life not to their liking. Expressing distaste at the sight of Moslem women covered from head to toe are seen as manifestations of intolerance, as are the complaints by many Europeans and Americans that the mosques in their vicinity are recruiting and training grounds for terrorists are viewed as racist bigots.

Many of the major cities in Europe already have a non-Western majority. In a few years—perhaps this is the case already—mosques will boast of much larger congregations than the Christian churches. Instead of the West doing something about the enemy within, we are busy teaching white, Christian groups to be more tolerant. We will one day soon get what we truly deserve. In the meantime, hail to the Saudis and their ill-gotten trillions. They actually tried to broker a peace among the Palestinians.


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