October 02, 2023

di Amin Dada Oumee caricature 1977

di Amin Dada Oumee caricature 1977

Source: Edmund S. Valtman

Half a century ago, in 1972, mad black African cannibal dictator Idi Amin Dada (or “Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas,” as he preferred) suddenly decided to expel all Asian Indians and Pakistanis from his personal fiefdom/living human meat-larder of Uganda. The aptly named Mr. Dada did so on the alleged grounds that, like Martin Luther King gone loony, he had just had a visionary dream in which God had told him to kick all the thieving brown bastards out.

Just under 30,000 chose not to head back toward the subcontinent of their ancestors, but to that of their former colonizers Great Britain, who had imported them into black Uganda in the first place to act as an educated middle-class mercantile buffer between white overlords and the black underclass. Once settled over in Blighty, the Asians’ innate work ethic made them just about the most useful and well-integrated bloc of immigrants a nation could ever ask for—almost as good as the Jews, even.

Out of Africa
But, just like the Jews in Nazi Germany, back in Uganda the Asians’ relative social success made them an easy target for the so-called “Black Hitler,” Idi Amin, who in an infamous telegram to the U.N. openly expressed approval for fascist-era treatment of Israelites (whom he had already expelled from his budding African Reich as practice anyway).

“Tensions between nonwhites in Britain are actually much worse than between them and whites, yet the media habitually implies otherwise.”

From April 1933 onward, noticing a disproportionate number of hardworking Jews owned businesses across Germany, the Nazis organized boycotts of Jewish-owned shops and institutions, with brownshirt street thugs smashing their windows, posting anti-Semitic signs warning of rip-off prices on shop fronts, or simply standing outside in an intimidating fashion, preventing customers from going inside. Ethnic Germans, the Nazis said, should do business only with other ethnic Germans.

Amin preached the very same Krystallnacht creed to black Ugandans, who proved eagerly receptive. Envious natives had long stereotyped their former citizens as cheating con men, all too willing to trick the nation’s rightful owners out of what little wealth they had in their shops. Despite being only 1 percent of the population, Uganda’s Asians accounted for 20 percent of national wealth, dominating banking and commerce. Some 90 percent of businesses were Asian-owned, providing 90 percent of the national tax base. Naturally, following their ejection, Uganda’s economy completely collapsed.

According to Amin himself, however, this enforced exodus was a great success: “All the big cars in Uganda are now driven by Africans [i.e., him], and not the former bloodsuckers. The rest of Africa can learn from us.”

Indeed it could. Sadly, thanks to several decades’ worth of insane immigration policies, much of “the rest of Africa” now actually lives in the United Kingdom (including several of Amin’s own innumerable children—one was jailed in 2007 for his part in a gang-related killing at a Camden bus stop with knives and hammers), where they are now busily persecuting Asians, once again, for still having the temerity to be far more successful in life and business than they are.

Hair Hitler
The problem today is that evil Asians have now supposedly seized control of the hair-care and beauty-product industry and are using it to impoverish innocent black women by selling them cosmetics at inflated rates like the parasitic neo-Jews they so clearly are. In mid-September, an Asian-owned shop in the London suburb of Peckham, “Peckham Hair and Cosmetics,” suddenly became the subject of mass brownshirt-style protest after the Indian-heritage proprietor, Sohail Sindho, allegedly assaulted an unnamed black female customer by placing his hands around her throat.

Sindho says footage of the event circulating on social media is misleadingly edited, that she attacked him first, and that he was not choking her, merely restraining her; fuller footage shows her bashing him about with a shopping basket. According to reports, the woman had sought to return some hair extensions, but Sindho had explained store policy was only to offer credit notes, not cash returns. Apparently too thick to realize credit notes are specifically meant to be exchanged for different goods of the same value anyway, the suspected miscreant just picked up some alternative items from shelves and attempted to walk off with them—i.e., to steal them.

Peckham has around 7,000 black residents compared with 4,000 whites and 1,500 Asians, according to the 2021 census. Statistics show U.K. black women spend more cash on hair-grooming items than other ethnicities do. Naturally, therefore, Asian-owned shops in the area cater toward an overwhelmingly black female customer base by stocking hair-care products black females may wish to buy; hence their nickname of “Afro Shops.” Instead of viewing this as simply good commercial sense, London’s imported Diddy Amins appear instead to have concluded that helpful businessmen rationally selling them products they want to buy is in fact a new form of sinister racial enslavement.

Shoplifters of the World—Unite and Take Over!
Such tensions are hardly confined to Peckham; deadly 2005 race riots in the English city of Birmingham seem to have been sparked after local blacks, jealous of successful Asian businessmen (honest Injuns who in turn were suspicious of their black customers’ constant thieving), spread false rumors of a black girl being gang-raped in a local “Paki Shop,” as they are often known, selling black beauty products. Tensions between nonwhites in Britain are actually much worse than between them and whites, yet the media habitually implies otherwise.

Back in Peckham, largely black crowds then gathered around outside Sindho’s store, kicking the shop front and forcing it to close its shutters, and even blocking traffic, like brownshirts reborn. Protesters called for a boycott of nearby Asian-owned beauty shops, alleging these neo-Jews held a “monopoly” on the sector, which they abused to suck cash from innocent black shoplifters. According to protester Kayne Kawasaki, a “black historian” and Jet Ski manufacturer from the area, “It’s time we choose our community over convenience.” Kawasaki went on to “implore” his fellow warriors for “economic justice” (re: racial boycotting) to “buy…black-owned products online” instead of from non-Africans, like they already did with their weed and khat.

Anti-Asian signs soon sprang up across Sindho’s shuttered shop front like poison mushrooms: “PARASITIC MERCHANTS OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY,” read one, the word “OUR” there being very telling about who some black people now think Britain as a whole really belongs to. “ABOLISH THE RACE POLICE FOR ARRESTING OUR SISTA,” read another, referring to the fact the alleged shoplifter was later questioned by cops, despite her having black skin and therefore automatically being above the law. Further semiliterate scrawls decried “RaCiST ASIANS” before yelling “GO TO HELL PATEL” in a totally non-racist fashion. “WE KEEP US SAFE,” said another sign, an open call for racial vigilantism. “Our skin is not a crime,” pointed out one final notice. Indeed not. But theft is, isn’t it?

Black Beauty
British media quickly fell over themselves to lend a platform to the “oppressed”—i.e., black female gobs on legs. According to the inaccurately named Nadine White, the “Race Correspondent” of Der Stürmer, I mean The Independent: “It can be a minefield [for black women] navigating hair-supply shops, trying to secure oils and extensions…which is why I have long boycotted certain branches and opted to create my own body lotions using raw ingredients at home.” Then Nadine can “exhale peacefully” whilst rubbing her hair and skin down with her own Zulu menstrual fluids or whatever, “without having to deal with racist microaggressions, or cringing as I’m forced [by whom, precisely?] to walk past shelves of skin-whitening creams.”

Nigeria-born, London-based reverse colonizer and professional social media malcontent Kelechi Okafor, meanwhile—previously seen blood-libeling white women as potential baby-killers online—was given an interview in the glossy women’s mag Elle to spout off about Sindho’s alleged assault being “misogynoir in action.”

Okafor also goose-stepped up to the Peckham protests, ranting Führer-style through a megaphone about how black women have apparently “died at the hands of beauty.” As Sindho had ostensibly choked his customer, this was a George Floyd-like reminder of “the way they [who are “they”?] symbolically hold their hands to our throats. They do not want us to breathe.” Therefore, blacks had to “restructure” the entire hair and beauty industry, which was “taking billions from us”; the real thieves are not shoplifters, but shopkeepers now.

According to another black protester (ironically described by MSN as a security guard), the accused shoplifter had been “investing” in the shop for years; “investing” here simply meaning “buying things from.” As an “investor” in the company, didn’t she already kind of own the store’s stock anyway?

The Napoleon of Notting Hill
This “security guard” was in fact Raspact, a black rapper who in 2020 formed a BLM-inspired black paramilitary-type organization, the Forever Family Force, or FFF—the KKK are unacceptable, but the FFF tend to be described by compliant British media as a harmless community group, like adult Boy Scouts. Often compared by dissenting skeptics to 1930s British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley’s own Hitler-worshipping paramilitary Blackshirts, the FFF should really be illegal under terms of the Public Order Act 1936, introduced specifically to stop the Blackshirts, but for some unaccountable reason the real police have never stepped in to arrest them all.

Raspact is actually a “security guard” in the same sense Ernst Röhm once was: The FFF claim to be a community policing organization who generously step in whenever local black Volk have been wronged, ultimately hoping to create a “reparations rebellion” and a “Nubian World Order.” Also like Ernst Röhm, Raspact appears to be highly anti-Semitic, reportedly blaming Jews for controlling the world’s banks via “the Rothschild bloodline,” which they had once used to fund “the original Holocaust” of the transatlantic slave trade.

Besides policing the Peckham protests, perhaps the FFF could also try controlling the annual bonobos’ tea party that is the Afro-Caribbean Notting Hill Carnival—where, this year, black revelers subjected 75 real police officers to assault, including by biting and sexual abuse. They may not have stolen anything from the area’s many local Asian-owned stores, though; largely because, having learned their lesson the hard way in the past, the wisest amongst Notting Hill’s Mr. Patels close down and board up their stores for the weekend’s annual peaceful legalized race riots every year in order to stop their shelves from being cleared out by generous black “investors.”

So, let’s get this straight: A certain type of black person in Britain wants to live separately from other races in their own little Bantustans, to buy products and services only from other blacks, and to live according to their own black laws, under their own black police forces. Why don’t they fuck off and live in Africa, then? Perhaps because if they start acting like this over there, the modern-day equivalents of Idi Amin will immediately kill them.


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