August 11, 2018



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Yes, fake accounts, fake news, and fake stories all breed and live in Facebook’s universe, one that has made its principal owner among the five richest men on earth and definitely among the five worst-dressed and worst-looking also. The big lie is, of course, busy at work. When the human fart tells politicians the world over that he is out to connect people, what he’s really doing is pitting them against one another, and he has managed to this in unprecedented lengths.

Take my word for it: One day soon only LGBTs, Africans, and Islamists will be allowed to appear on Facebook; Christians, heterosexuals, and conservatives will be deemed too evil to appear on the human fart’s “utility,” as he calls it. Never mind, the world has survived other such disasters, although Bezos and Zuckerberg sure make Hitler and Stalin look slightly less awful. And now that I’m in dangerous territory, let’s examine Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitism. I’ve been on the receiving end of Semitic paranoia in the past, with Conrad Black, the then proprietor of The Spectator, calling me “worse than Goebbels.” (Boris Johnson saved my bacon). Corbyn is the worst thing to hit Labour since its inception, but he has the right to criticize the actions of the Israeli government without being called a Hitler. One cannot draw a comparison between Nazi Germany and Israel, but one can definitely say that Israel is an oppressive, violent occupying power that has trampled on Palestinian rights and has outright stolen Palestinian lands.

Now in cahoots with Saudi Arabia and The Donald, Israel will initiate a military confrontation with Iran and the Iraqi-Syrian alliance, and expect Uncle Sam to finish the job. Trust me, you read it here first. Anyone who attacks these plans will be painted as anti-Semitic, starting with the poor little Greek boy. Bezos, Zuckerberg, Netanyahu—three rich and powerful men against a poor young Greek. It’s almost unfair.

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