October 30, 2023

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David Kaufman is an unknown writing protest letters to British newspapers against Elon Musk and the Fall of Rome. He equates the rise of the former with the demise of the latter. Losers like Kaufman tend to stretch things a bit in order to attract attention. I’m a Musk fan, but the reason I disagree with Kaufman is because Rome did not fall because of “tax dodgers and semi-cultivated usurpers” but because in the mid–4th century Asia was hit by a mega-drought and Huns moved west, terrorized the Goths, and drove them to the western borders of the Roman Empire. That is when Emperor Biden—sorry, Valens—let them in. Rome then found itself alienated from its citizens. (Get it, Kaufman?)

Now let’s leave the fourth century and go back only to 1967, when I went sailing with Gianni Agnelli, owner of Fiat and many other things, to the island of Lampedusa. It had a population of 6,000, and it was rocky, white, and closer to Africa than mainland Italy. The Italians welcomed us as they did every visitor, with wines and fruit and good wishes. Lampedusa today still has a local population of 6,000, but recently more than 11,000 African migrants arrived on the small isle that was already bursting with 7,000 migrants from Africa.

“Knowing what permanent harm do-gooders can do, even the good old US of A will one day run out of space.”

Just to put it in perspective, imagine the good old US of A suddenly taking in 700 million souls, as a rather confused man living in the White House is informed that they had come responding to his incentives. Border enforcement is to Joe Biden what polysyllabic words are to Kamala Harris, an antidemocratic way of impoverishing professional politicians like themselves and keeping them out of office.

Four million migrants have come through American borders since Biden floated into the White House, 2 million this year alone. It seems that the less Joe gets it, the more pour through our borders, most of them prospective Democrat voters in the near future. In fact, the White House has abdicated all responsibility for controlling the border. When it speaks of “finding ways to get various groups legal status,” in reality it means a mass amnesty. It served Obama well, and it will do so again for the confused man in the Big White House.

In the meantime, in Lampedusa, sub-Saharan Africans were fighting with North Africans over food. And this is just a preamble. It is a foretaste of what Europe will have to face soon. By 2050 sub-Saharans will number 2.12 billion. European population is shrinking in reverse rates that African ones are multiplying. Do the math, as they say, and sooner rather than later Africans will move to Europe in search of food and many other things. No continent has ever witnessed the kind of growth sub-Saharan Africa has since time immemorial, yet those wise men who oppose unlimited immigration, men such as Viktor Orbán of Hungary, are painted as fascists by the lefties who run the news media everywhere, starting with the odious New York Times.

Do any of you remember Angela (Trojan Horse) Merkel? When millions of Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis joined the Syrians fleeing the war in Syria, the Italians proposed a naval blockade, but the E.U.’s unelected bureaucrooks decreed it illegal. That is when Merkel stepped in and announced, to hosannas, “Wir Shaffen Das,” meaning Germany would take in one million and a half young, horny Arab males. No German woman has felt safe since, and only last month in Stuttgart mobs of Eritrean dissidents battled with iron bars and concrete rods.

Sweden, once upon a time the most peaceful country in Europe, is now racked by Arab gangster wars, all due to the country’s liberal policies of open borders. Viewed by posterity, the war launched by Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy against Muammar Gaddafi opened the corridor for the traffickers into mainland Europe. What my great fear is, only because I have children and grandchildren living in Italy and Austria, is that this is just the beginning.

Back here things are not as bad because of the size of the country, but knowing what permanent harm do-gooders can do, even the good old US of A will one day run out of space. Take New York, for example. The city is awash with drugs, guns, sleaze, crazies, and an influx of illegal migrants. Schools are swamped with kids who don’t speak English or even Spanish in many cases. Rights to shelters, health care, education, and even walking-around money are guaranteed by laws passed by left-wingers promising infinite resources to anybody who comes here. Open borders kill more than 100,000 Americans each year from drug overdoses sent here by Mexican cartels.

In Europe repatriation centers built to house, say, 400 now have 10,000 to deal with. A biblical exodus is in our midst, yet E.U. officials are busy condemning those brave politicians who are refusing to fling their borders open. Here it is the same. Cowardly Democrat-ass-kissing media types refuse to acknowledge this coming holocaust. Kaufman types will blame tax dodgers and semi-cultivated usurpers, but they will be whistling Dixie. Elon Musk types will have left for Mars in his rockets by the time the you-know-what hits the fan.


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