June 08, 2018

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Two gay men thought their sexual status was enough to force Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, to bake them a cake for their wedding ceremony. And while the Supreme Court ruled in Phillips’ favor, they did so only because the Colorado Civil Rights Commission used disparaging language to describe his faith. The right to publicly express Christian belief in commerce was not confirmed.

And it likely won’t be, if the agenda-setters in America have their way. As Rusty Reno points out, it is the “rich and powerful” who have “adopted the LGBT agenda as their most beloved cause.” Corporate CEOs, intellectuals, big financiers, nonprofit presidents, politicians, and pundits are using the blunt force of their positions to push it into broader society. But the more the gay cause is fashioned as a bludgeon to hit holdouts, the duller it becomes.

Which all brings us back to the designated uniform of the Sweetgreen employee. Imagine if she had pushed back and said that, despite its colorful lettering, she wasn’t comfortable wearing the shirt because it expressed an idea that ran contrary to her faith. Think she would have lasted long mixing lentil and avocado bowls?

In all likelihood, she would have been shamed into leaving, if not forced out. That’s the other banality of homosexuality’s widespread acceptance: The oppressed have become the oppressors.

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