May 16, 2023

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Last week a clip from something called “Timcast” went viral. Some round-faced, beady-eyed stoner (I think that’s “Tim”) was debating a manic Robert Downey Jr. look-alike (I guess that’s “cast”) about trannies.

Robert Downeysyndrome was telling Tiny-eyed Tim that the massive uptick in young people declaring themselves tranny isn’t due to some “fad” or the fact that today’s young’uns are so un-special they have to use identity in lieu of character.

No, Irondeficiency Man argued. It’s just that LGBTs are finally free to identify as they please!

“You think Mauricio Garcia’s impossible. I know he’s inevitable.”

It’s like being left-handed, he explained. Back when left-handers were considered “satanic,” nobody self-identified as such. But following southpaw emancipation, the number of people identifying as sinister skyrocketed, because they finally felt comfortable to be their true selves!

“We’re in a situation right now where it’s safer than ever for people to come out…if they’re queer, bisexual, whatever it is, and because of that they feel safer expressing that.”

The “left-handed” argument is popular among Gen Zers. And of course it is. The notion that trannies have always existed in massive numbers but they’ve been too scared to come forward is psychologically necessary Gen Z cope, because the truth of the matter—that Zoomers are so weak-minded and suggestible, peer pressure can persuade them to cut off their dicks—is something nobody would want to face about their generation. The left-handed fallacy is pushed by hacks like John Oliver because it resonates so well with those stupid enough to live as though the past never happened.

My question for the young morons who think theirs is the first generation in which LGBT people feel “safe to come out” is, who the fuck do you think died during the AIDS epidemic?

Nuns? You think AIDS was like Covid, only taking old ladies in rest homes?

It’s a posthumous ignominy for every freakazoid who died of AIDS in the 1980s: Today’s kids deny they even existed.

The late 1970s/early ’80s was one wild-ass time. Everything went. That’s why AIDS burned through the gay community like a brushfire. I started junior high in 1980. Majority black school. Most of the white kids (myself included) and all of the gayboi blacks (the ones with no appetite for sports beyond getting an eyeful in the shower room) were in theater class. And I’ll tell you, during those pre-AIDS years with them theater kids, there wasn’t a thing that could be sucked that wasn’t being sucked or an orifice that could be stuffed that wasn’t. We had gay. We had bi. We had one kid whose specialty was autoerotic asphyxiation. Kids would drop acid and do the wildest shit. Our drama teacher, far from being a civilizing force, joined in.

The notion that in those days there might’ve been boys in our circle who were “girls on the inside” but afraid to say so is lunatic.

We simply didn’t have trannies. Period. They weren’t “scared to come out.” They didn’t exist. Ditto in high school, which was nearly as wild until about 1986 when the first kids started dropping from AIDS and everybody panicked.

But again, no trannies. We had every conceivable type of sucker, blower, mincer, prancer, butcher, baker, and sphincter breaker, and no trannies. It had nothing to do with anyone feeling inhibited. Nobody in my circle was inhibited.

If Zoomers were willing to listen to those of us who’ve walked the earth a bit longer, if they saw life experience as something to study instead of dunk on, they might be rewarded with the kind of historical perspective that can be of assistance when assessing current events.

Enjoying the column so far? Good, because here’s where I might lose you.

I have life experiences that are somewhat unique. For better or worse, I’ve been publicly associated with the fringe right since 1989. There are likely at most seven people reading this who can top me in tenure (probably not you).

So I’ll tell you something from experience. And you can listen, or you can be like a Zoomer and tune out.

The Allen, Texas, mall shooter, Mauricio Garcia. What was your response when you heard that, based on his social media and the “uniform” he wore for his massacre, he was a far-right white supremacist?

Well, from what I saw on Twitter, your response was disbelief.

“Popular” “conservative” “comedian” Tim Young sarcastically commented “Mauricio Martinez Garcia sounds like a white supremacist’s name.”

Other MAGA influencers had similar takes:

@LangmanVince “Nothing says white supremacist more than the name Mauricio Martinez Garcia. This is why the legacy media is dead.”

@DontWalkRUN “Ah, yes. The infamous Hispanic neo-Nazi named Mauricio Martinez Garcia.”

@daxtonbrown “Mauricio Martinez Garcia. Typical Amish White Supremacist.”

@mrjohnnybronco “‘Mauricio Martinez Garcia’ sounds like a white supremacist’s name if I ever heard one.”

@browneyegirl400 “Mauricio Martinez Garcia. Ummm. I’m doubting he was linked to ‘white -supremacist ideology.’ Try harder…FBI!”

@PolitiBunny “Mauricio Garcia…a white supremacist. Are you high?”

@RokerGlasses “So NBC News and other regime media are actually reporting that the Allen TX shooter, MAURICIO GARCIA, is a neo-nazi white supremacist. The gaslighting has reached new heights.”

@ada_lluch “The media is calling the Mexican man who killed people yesterday a Neo-Nazi and white supremacist. Mexicans aren’t white. How can they be white supremacists?”

@sunnyright “Ah yes a Neo-Nazi with the name ‘Mauricio Garcia’”

@stclairashley “The Media tried saying the mass-shooter in Texas was a neo-Nazi motivated by white supremacy. Nothing screams ‘white supremacist neo-Nazi’ quite like a Mexican gang member named Mauricio Garcia.”

@isabellarileyus “Dear fucking RETARD, Why would a Mexican be a white supremacist? You FAKE NEWS SHILL.”

@TRHLofficial “It’s a Psyop and it’s not even good.”

@elonmusk “This gets weirder by the moment.”

Even though Garcia’s social media account was clearly neo-Nazi/white nationalist, Ian Miles Cheong dismissed the evidence because “the shooter wasn’t white,” he “wasn’t on Twitter” (apparently, if you don’t use Twitter you don’t exist), he had “zero followers” (yes, mass shooters are never loners), and the neo-Nazi memes he uploaded were “years old” (wait, it’s suspicious if an ideologue posts “years old” memes? Better tell that to the MAGAs who still post “crying libs” memes from November 2016).

The MAGA sooper-sleuths’ suspicions fell into three categories:

(1) Mexicans/Hispanics can’t be “white nationalist” or “neo-Nazi.”

(2) The victims were white; why would a “Nazi” shoot whites?

(3) How “suspicious” that we have Garcia’s manifesto but not the Nashville tranny’s.

Let’s break those down:

No. 2 is a lie. The security guard was white, but the dead shoppers who’ve been identified were nonwhite.

No. 3 is irrelevant. Take that up with your beloved “red state” (but blue city) Nashville PD. They have the manifesto. That they’re not releasing it has no bearing on other cases in other states.

So that leaves No. 1. And I’ll tell you, from my 34 years of experience with the fringe right, yeah, there are Hispanic neo-Nazis and white nationalists, and holy shit, they’re nuts. They’re the looniest of the bunch. Completely unstable. During my Holocaust revisionist days, one of the most jarring truths was that all of the nonwhites in that circle—Hispanics, Ay-rabs, even the occasional black—were dangerously psychotic. Brutish, impulsive, simple-minded, no concept of the intricacies of my work. They were the ones everyone was afraid would pop off and start killing.

You think Mauricio Garcia’s impossible. I know he’s inevitable.

Rather than denying the reality of a guy like Garcia, why not take a moment to stare into that abyss?

When it comes to ideological mass shooters, most of whom have accompanying mental health problems, I take an ideologically neutral approach to the issue of culpability: same standard for left and right. Nobody but the shooter bears the ultimate responsibility for their crime. But…if you’ve in any way helped popularize the hatreds and paranoia that took hold of that person’s sick mind, don’t look away. You’re not responsible, but you owe it to yourself to acknowledge the existence of the person who turned your figurative war into a shooting one. That goes for trannies and their enablers who created the “trans genocide” fiction that motivates trannies to violence. That goes for the black supremacists and white-haters who feed the fantasies of black race-murderers like the recent ones in Jefferson Parish and Tulsa.

And it goes for the folks on the right who, over the past seven years, have flirted with Nick Fuentes and his acolytes and their unabashed race hatred and Holocaust denial. Four years ago, I warned you about these Groyper characters, about how if you embrace them, you don’t change them (i.e., make them more mainstream), they change you (before you know it, you’re Michelle Malkin throwing away a lifetime’s work by dishonestly defending Fuentes’ Holocaust denial).

I get it; you see leftists being batshit—the Libs of TikTok trannies, the BLM rioters—and you want in. Just a little. “Maybe if we had a few crazies on our side, we could compete better!”

But you fail to grasp the dynamics at play. Reread my column about giving voice to the unthinkable. Leftist wackos serve to break taboos, to speak aloud new insanities, because simply speaking them puts in play what previous generations never would’ve entertained (“men are women, biological sex doesn’t exist, whites are evil, antiwhite discrimination is good”). Rightist wackos, on the other hand, reflect what once was and what’s long rejected by the West (white supremacy, Nazism, the Holocaust).

Leftist and rightist nuts are equally vomitous, but leftist loons advance an agenda, while rightist loons regress one. Leftists need lunatics; rightists don’t. And the right’s flirtation with Groyper “naughty boys” has been a disaster.

And will continue to be.

Even as I write this, Elon Musk is tweeting images of “Pepe” shooting people for trying to stop him from “sharing memes with frens.”

You wanna dance with that devil? Fine. I ain’t yer mom.

But don’t look away from Mauricio Garcia. Don’t deny he exists. He’s just Nick Fuentes off his meds; Nick Fuentes with a few additional screws loose.

You think you can play with fire and control every burn?

You can’t.

I’m the “Holocaust dissident” guy. That’s my yoke, my albatross, for the rest of my life. And I’m telling you, from 34 years of experience, that kind of thing attracts the worst people on earth. The neo-Nazi/Holocaust denial/white supremacist fringe is a cancer. It kills whatever it touches.

You don’t bear responsibility for Mauricio Garcia. But if you deny he existed, if you deny that people like him exist, as you blithely open the door even a little to the Groyper loons, then at that point you do end up bearing some responsibility, if only for acting with a disregard for history, and reality.

Flirt with “dangerous” all you want. Just do so with open eyes.

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