January 30, 2018

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“If you’re black, we cannot be friends. Go fuckin’ die, you ugly-ass black people.” So begins a Snapchat video by a female California high school student. “Black people are trash, they need to die, like, I fuckin’ hate black people, they’re so annoying. So, when the police were killing all those black people, I was so happy, because I’m like, fuck black people…go die, bitches!” The charming young lady who recorded that rant is a student at Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, located just south of Sacramento. Within days, the video garnered several million hits, leading to “breaking news” segments on all the local channels (apparently, every day in Elk Grove is a slow news day). Needless to say, the story also made waves in the “blackosphere,” on sites like The Root.

But it never went national. Why? Well, for one thing, we’re not exactly talking Dylann Roof-level evil here. This was just a teen making a video. But c’mon, when has the paltry nature of an offense ever stopped a story about racism from going national? This is an era in which a few poorly chosen words in a tweet from an absolute nobody can become a national scandal, provoking anger and outrage of Emmett Till-ian proportions. No, these days, this video of a “genocidally racist” high school girl should have been the lead story on MSNBC for five nights running. There should have been a minimum of thirty stories about it on Salon, and Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte should have been locking arms and marching through town singing “We Shall Overcome.”

The reason the story didn’t go national is simple: The girl who recorded the video isn’t white. She’s Desirae Fernandez, a Latina. So the national media had no interest. The Elk Grove Unified School District announced that Ms. Fernandez was no longer part of their student body, and everybody went about their business…until this month, when the district decided to hold an “anti-racism” open meeting. A Pleasant Grove senior, Rachael Francois—who is black—caught the attention of the press with stories of antiblack racism she’d encountered at the school. Now reporters from bigger markets became interested, because the villains in Francois’ tales are white.

Francois spoke to two intrepid sleuths from The Sacramento Bee, Anita Chabria and Diana Lambert. She recounted four tales of racist terror…ordeals that, as she put it, “ruined” her “self-worth.”

“In the case of nonblack social justice warriors, it’s usually about hating whites rather than helping black people.”

In one instance, a “truck filled with white classmates, mostly boys” drove past her, and the occupants “called out the N-word with a hard ‘r’” (for a landlocked city, it’s surprising to find pirates driving around Elk Grove). In the next incident, a “white student” entered a classroom and yelled, “Kill the N-words.” Not to be outdone, a different “white student” urinated on a black teen’s car. And, in the most soul-crushing of the terrors endured by Francois, a “white student” “said the N-word loudly” while sitting at a table during lunch.

Sisyphus ain’t got nothin’ on the daily torments of blacks at Pleasant Grove!

It didn’t appear to matter to the Bee’s dogged scoop-meisters that Francois apparently straight-up lied to them. “It really makes you feel different from everyone else, especially going to a predominately white school,” she’s quoted as saying. According to the Bee’s own figures, whites make up only 38% of the student body. They comprise the largest plurality, but the school is in no way “predominantly white.” Still, that little peccadillo didn’t deter Chabria and Lambert, who devoted nearly 2,000 words to Francois’ struggles. The Desirae Fernandez video was, of course, mentioned in the article. After all, it’s the catalyst for the story. Chabria and Lambert didn’t mention Fernandez by name; that’s understandable, as she’s a minor. But fascinatingly enough, they also failed to mention that she’s a Latina. In every instance recounted by Francois, Chabria and Lambert stressed “white.” But the student who launched this whole mishegoss? Not a word about her race or ethnicity.

I emailed the two reporters.

Chabria was only interested in speaking over the phone (California is a two-party-consent state regarding recorded phone calls, so this is a common tactic of CA journalists who want no record of a conversation). “Curt” is too kind a description for her phone manner. She brusquely explained to me that the Bee has a very firm policy regarding when race or ethnicity can be mentioned in a story. There can be no “guessing.” The Bee will only identify someone’s race or ethnicity if the person in question confirms it. And since Desirae Fernandez didn’t respond to a request for comment, her ethnicity must go unmentioned.

“Fascinating,” I replied. “So in every case in which you mentioned Francois’ alleged ‘white’ tormentors, you confirmed with the student that they identity as white, as opposed to, say, mixed race, or white-Hispanic?” Chabria refused to directly answer that question, only repeating again and again the unsatisfying generality, “We confirm our information.” “What about the boys in the truck?” I asked. I mean, if she had been able to confirm with each one of them how they self-identify, she’d know how many boys were in the truck. So how many were there?

She…pretty much hung up on me. “Rushed off the phone” is the kindest way I can put it.

Okay, sure, she’s as full of crap as a used colostomy bag. Like anyone else who carries the job title “social justice reporter,” she’s a hack with an agenda. I emailed the Bee’s entire editorial staff, and I could not get one of them to confirm Chabria’s claim that the paper has a “no mention of race/ethnicity until verified” policy. Wow, a disingenuous reporter…no surprise there. But what makes this episode instructive is that we witnessed something significant. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, Hispanics, in general, have little love for blacks. The more Hispanics we have in this country (including immigrants from nations where black inequality is the norm), the more we’ll see antiblack “incidents” caused by Hispanics. What we witnessed in Elk Grove was the mainstream media’s by-the-book method of handling these types of stories: Sit on anything that makes brown folks look bad, and wait for (or create) an angle that will allow you to pin it all on whitey.

If “social justice Chabria” really cared about fighting racism, she would have told the tale honestly. But she doesn’t give a rat’s turd about fighting racism; it’s all about goin’ after whites. It’s crap like this that is causing more and more white Americans to withdraw from the whole “racism” debate. Anyone with half a brain can see that the media and the social justice thugs aren’t fighting honestly or with noble intentions. It’s just race-hate in the name of fighting race-hate.

Agustin Gurza used to be a columnist for the L.A. Times. He’s a die-hard open-borders leftist, and proud of it. But he was an honest ideologue. He wrote opinion pieces; he didn’t pretend to be a hard-news reporter. Back in 2000, Gurza wrote an outstanding column about how Latino leaders and their advocates in the press cover up antiblack crimes committed by Hispanics. As an example, he described the modern-day lynching of a local black man by a mob of Latinos:

The murder of Virgil Henry did not make the papers at the time. Not one word about a killing that should have jarred our collective conscience. I first read about it in colleague Peter Y. Hong’s story last week about a series of hate-motivated attacks that plagued Hawaiian Gardens in the mid-’90s. Black teenagers were roughed up walking home from school in the small, low-income city on the Orange County border between Long Beach and Cypress. Several homes of African American families were firebombed. Black residents were frequently threatened in public with the usual epithet and a warning: “Get out of our neighborhood.”


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