October 13, 2007

O to be in England! Last week it was Muslim staff at Sainbury’s refusing to sell alcohol because it offended their religious sensibilities.  (Sainsbury’s is the largest super market in that dreary old island). Now we learn that some
Muslim medical students are refusing to attend lectures or answer exam questions on alcohol-related or sexually-transmitted diseases. A small number even declines to treat patients of the opposite sex. 

This is amazing stuff. The Brits, needless to say, have bowed their heads to political correctness and gone along with it. Muslim supermarket checkout staff have been given the right to refuse to sell alcohol to customers. If the crazy mullahs have anything to do with it, the next step will be Sharia.

In the meantime, down Gaza way, a Christian Palestinian bookstore owner is taken out by Muslim thugs, tortured and shot dead in front of his family. His crime? Spreading Christianity. His bookstore had already been firebombed three times. The 3000 Christians in Gaza have been warned. They have to accept Islamic law or die like dogs.

But back in merry old England, Muslims are allowed to trample on our liberal customs, to the extent that dozens of immigrant women have been murdered by what the local cops termed honor crimes which are a “community
issue.” In other words, fathers murdered their daughters because they refused to play by Sharia rules, and the cops failed to investigate because they feared it would inflame “the community.”  Europe really does have a death wish and Americans should keep an eye on what diversity and multiculturalism has done to a once great continent.


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