December 19, 2023

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

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Here’s a little secret regarding opinion pieces: It’s all about “angle.” You look at something in the news, and you find an interesting angle for your readers.

Case in point: the recent L.A. freeway fire that crippled the I-10 Downtown. As there’d been a homeless encampment under that stretch, the angle for conservatives was obvious: “Haw-haw-haw, L.A. homeless burned down the freeway! Blue city gets what it deserves.”

It was an irresistible angle. The problem is, it wasn’t true. The fire started in a gated lumber and vehicle storage yard next to the freeway. We don’t know who started the fire; it might’ve been a hobo, it might’ve been something more sinister (the storage company has a history of shady dealings). But the fire didn’t start in the homeless camp.

“At the heart of MAGA is political Calvinism.”

Frankly, I found it funny that certain people who say “jet fuel can’t melt steel” thought bums cooking beans (or meth) can take out concrete and steel columns.

Another angle that’s driving me nuts is how rightist “journalists” and “influencers” can no longer cover stories of riots, crime, and leftist extremism without reflexively relating everything to J6.

“Blacks looted a store last night, yet there were no mass roundups. Compare that with the treatment of the J6 patriots!”

“Hamas supporters loudly banged on the White House gate last night. Insurrection, anyone? Where’s the fed gestapo beating them down like they did the J6 sweeties?”

“Gun-grabbers chanted in the state capitol rotunda. I’ve never seen a worse insurrection! Compare that to the peaceful J6ers who only bear-sprayed and assaulted cops while ransacking congressional offices.”

Crime, urban unrest, leftist support for Hamas, anti-gun extremism—these are winning hands for rightists, but they’re blown when they’re bundled with J6. Because who’s that angle for? Only the choir.

The Israel/Gaza conflict has spawned a breathtaking amount of bad rightist angles. A few weeks ago, CAA—one of the top talent agencies in the world—dropped its two most stridently anti-white authors, Saira Rao and Regina Jackson. These two Rain Women are among the ugliest (and I mean that literally and figuratively) white-haters in the nation. But they were fired for hating Jews.

And the rightist take? “Hmmmph, they were never fired for hating whites, but now that they attack Jews they get fired? Oh, the unfairness of it all!”

An imbecilic angle. If you truly care about ending anti-whiteness, then use the fact that when white hate morphs into Jew hate it becomes a fireable offense. Use it, don’t reject it. Your enemy has a chink, and in the words of George Takei as he hand-jobs his Chinese houseboy, you gotta work that chink.

It’s actually great that Jew-hatred is taking out some of the most high-profile white-haters in America. “White activists” LARP as Patton, but Patton would never hesitate to make use of a creative way to eradicate his foes. Yet these pussy Pattons prefer to whine: “Oh fie, Rao hath insulted my race a millionfold without sanction. Yet now she doth slander the Jews, and she is slain. What hypocrites be they at CAA!”

What result do you expect from that angle? That Sheldon Shmucklestein at CAA will say, “Oh NO, I have been a hypocrite! I shall mend my ways and treat white-hatred as I treat hatred of Jews” ?

Sheldon shows you a weakness you can exploit, and instead of exploiting it you attack Sheldon in some moronic attempt to get him to “soul-search” (or “expose his hypocrisy”), when all that’s likely to do is harden his anti-whiteness.

Be the “general” you think you are: Thank Sheldon and use his desire to fight Jew-haters to get more of your anti-white enemies dispatched.

If the only way to end the immunity of high-profile anti-white celebrities is to nail them for Jew-hatred, don’t bitch about it, exploit it.

Which brings us to the right’s dumbest-of-the-dumb Israel/Gaza angle, the one that got Elon Musk in trouble.

Here’s the tweet Musk called “the actual truth”:

Jewish communties [sic] have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. I’m deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those hordes of minorities that support flooding their country don’t exactly like them too much.

This was parroted by Tucker Carlson during an interview with Candace “Thomas Not-so-well” Owens.

If the biggest donors at, say, Harvard have decided we’re going to [shut down hate speech against Jews] now, where were you the last 10 years for white genocide? You were allowing this, and then I found myself really hating those people. You were calling my children immoral for their skin color. You paid for that. So, why shouldn’t I be mad at you?

Fascinating. Soros monster Susan Sarandon received decades of just deserts in one brutal serving when she lost her career for saying, “Hooray! Now Jews are getting a taste of the hatred they doled out to Muslims!” And the right’s response is to mimic that, to say exactly what got an Oscar-winning leftist canceled, but with “Muslim” traded out for “white.”

“Hooray! Now Jews are getting a taste of the hatred they doled out to whites.”

I don’t see the gain. Instead of reveling in the downfall of a beast who’s spent the past three decades helping black criminals get released from prison, instead of using the momentum of Sarandon’s downfall to attack other white-haters, rightists prefer to ape her: “You’re getting what you deserve, Jews!”

This is the loser strategy of incels who’ve given up trying to get the girl so they call her “cunt.”

Rightists can influence, but by harnessing prevailing winds instead of scolding them. Reagan understood this. When Carter angered Jews over Israel, did Reagan scold? “Well, you idiot Jews voted Dem so enjoy the fruits of your stupidity! Rot, you kikes.” No, Reagan exploited; in 1980 he nearly matched Eisenhower’s record GOP take of the Jewish vote. Because Reagan was…oh, shit, what’s that word? That word Republicans aren’t anymore…

Oh, yeah: “smart.”

Today’s rightists prefer “go away I hate you” over “welcome to the club” because their idols are mediocre thinkers who, as the untalented always do, gravitate toward shock angles over substantial contributions. Candace Owens is just Luther Campbell with boobs. Campbell, of 1990s 2 Live Crew fame, possessed no talent, zero musical ability. So his “shows” consisted of him getting BJs live on stage. Of course, he’d get arrested by white lawmen for indecent exposure, so he became legendary for being a balls-out (literally) fearless hero!

Owens is the same beast. She’ll flirt with Hitlerism, Hamas, and moon-landing denial, just to let you know how based she is. But she contributes nothing of substance.

The Campbell BJ concerts were filmed. Indeed, in the ’90s, you could buy them on “most shocking moments” VHS tapes. But does anybody “rock out” to them today? Or even remember them? Did Campbell leave a musical legacy? Of course not. It was nothing more than a stunt to make blacks go, “DAAAAAYUM, he CRAYZEE,” and whites go, “What a brave negro challenging societal norms!”

That’s Owens. And that’s why in her case, simpleton rightists do go “welcome to the club.” Because these folks are incredibly easily manipulated by grifters. Doesn’t matter that she was a leftist race-hustler who extorted her college. She’s black, and BASED!

But white voters with no grifting agenda? They don’t get that welcome.

Last week, a clip went viral on Twitter: A white L.A. small-business owner interviewed by the local news told reporters that he’s had it with Democrats because of rampant crime. He said he’d voted for Newsom, Biden, and Bass, and he regrets it.

And the response from high-profile rightists was summed up by James Woods and his 3.7 million followers: Go to hell; you got what you voted for, fuck off.

This is the same James Woods who used to deride Kanye West as a clown until he got BASED, at which point Woods declared him a “sage” and a “guru.”

Welcome, based millionaire sieg-heiling blacky!

Working-class whitey who’s seen the light? Get bent; we don’t want you.

The constructive response to the newly enlightened white business owner would’ve been, “Welcome, pal, and BTW, Karen Bass isn’t the problem because no city mayor has jurisdiction over a county DA. Help us defeat George Gascon in November.”

But no. As you can see from this thread and this one, Woods’ followers—thousands of them—were of one voice: “He voted wrong, he wasn’t with us from the start; he can’t be salvaged, so fuck him.”

At the heart of MAGA is political Calvinism. The elect and the damned have already been predestined. No need to seek converts; sinners cannot be saved. To hell with the independents and unconvinced. To hell with canvassing and early/mail-in voting. Elections are predestined too. All politics is a war between the Devil and God—the Deep State and Trump. The election will be decided by principalities, not flesh. There’s no need to campaign, convince, or display anything but hostility toward those who were not with us from the womb.

Esau have we hated.

Now, mere days after tweeting fuck off to the white working man who seemed to be coming around, Woods retweeted Steven Crowder about how a trip to a “black-owned barbershop” convinced him that blacks are coming around to MAGA. And Woods replied that Crowder’s tweet made him “full of hope.”

So what do we make of that? Well, we can continue the biblical angle (Jacob and Esau hated each other because they were of the same womb; white rightists are tougher on racial “brothers”), but maybe we should get less fancy-pantsed with this (generally, the less ornate the angle, the better). Woods is simply an idiot. He sees someone from the one demographic most likely to support the GOP—working-class whites—and he tells him to get bent. But then he hears that a few blacks—the demographic least likely to vote GOP—are slightly friendly, and he’s like YIPPEE-DIPPY-DOOOOO!

He deems the salvageable demographic unsalvageable, and the unsalvageable demographic salvageable (yes, Reagan appealed to Jews because he saw an opening, and it worked. But he didn’t do it at the expense of his most loyal and likely voters. Sure, embrace “friendly” blacks, but not while also telling whites to screw off).

Woods, like leftist whites, defines himself by acceptance from nonwhites. He’s in it for his own self-esteem, not a “win.” Because MAGA Calvinists know that the win is in the god-king’s hands.

So they’ll piss away opportunities and piss on potential allies, in exchange for macho-man “based takes.”

Also known as “bad angles.”

And that’s very bad news.

Angles can make sugar taste like poison or poison taste like sugar, but they can’t turn poison into sugar.

Sometimes the news is just bad…no matter how you angle it.


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