October 24, 2014

National War Memorial, Ottawa

National War Memorial, Ottawa

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I was about to pull out all my hair so I left the office and went to a local pub for a drink. The news was on with subtitles and everyone was transfixed. I sat next to an old British professor who managed to admit that this is “€œunfortunate”€ and “€œit’s hard to believe it’s really happening.”€ It’s not the kind of rage I was hoping for, but you take what you can get in this country. Soon after, I eavesdropped on a busboy talking to the waitresses. It was hard to hear him because they were at least 15 feet away, but I think he implied the attacks were “€œsane.”€

When they showed the soldier being carted away on a gurney, I could have sworn he brought up hundreds of Palestinian children who were also carried away on stretchers. He looked Arabic and he was sipping a Coke, which implies he doesn”€™t drink. I craned my ear to hear more. “€œWe all eventually get what’s coming to us,”€ he said; “€œI”€™ll get what’s coming to me.”€ Was he saying the gunman got what he deserved or the soldier? I couldn”€™t tell and I resisted walking over and asking him what the hell he was talking about. I hated myself for chickening out and I shudder to think he was saying what I think he was saying because the people around him had their heads bowed and weren”€™t saying a word. Let’s say he was defending Islam. Is this how Canadians react when a Muslim gloats about a terrorist attack a few hours after it happened?

I stormed out of the bar, ashamed of myself, and returned to the office, where the politicians continued to give speeches to the country like anyone gives a shit. Elizabeth May, the head of the Green Party, told us this was probably just an isolated incident. She prefaced this bizarre assumption by telling us she’s not a gambling person and her bank account is very happy about that. In other words, she told us she can”€™t be trusted and makes really stupid bets. How inspiring.

We also heard from Yasir Naqvi, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. He’s a Muslim from Karachi who thinks it’s okay to beat your wife, “€œlightly.”€ I have trouble picturing Canada having a German Minister of Community Safety back in 1943, but times have changed.

Canada’s focus seemed to be on placating Muslims and making sure they were not inconvenienced by the attack. The only time we heard about Canadians was to discuss how we may have provoked the attacks. One Canadian activist said, “€œSoldiers are legitimate targets #SomethingAboutRoostingChickens,”€ and we discussed it on Ezra’s show. I started to think the lunatics were right. Maybe this is all our fault. Not because of our foreign policy, but because of our suicidal masochism.

Just when I was about to have a nervous breakdown I got a text from Jim Goad that said, “€œI realize 9/11 was traumatizing. But in real terms, liberal progressives have actively tried to harm you personally, whereas Muslims haven”€™t.”€ It was a sobering remark. Of course we need to abolish ISIS and wipe out extremism. Islam doesn”€™t want our love. They want our hate and I”€™m happy to give it to them. However, neither Canada nor America will become a caliphate any time soon. A Muslim will likely never affect my life personally, but liberals affect all of our lives every day. Their forced narrative of ubiquitous equality doesn”€™t just invite terrorist attacks. It promotes censorship, encourages a bloated government, creates a welfare state, stifles freedom, disarms us, crushes our traditions, and dismantles the very foundation of our country.

I”€™m still mad at Islam but that’s a given. Who I”€™m really pissed off at is the people who aren”€™t pissed off. Let’s get off the high road and give the low road a try. The bastards deserve it.


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