November 28, 2016

Fidel Castro - Uzbekistan, 1963

Fidel Castro - Uzbekistan, 1963

Source: Bigstock

Now that I”€™ve popped the tripartite myth-pimples of glorious Cuban healthcare, education, and racial harmony, let’s talk about what a nasty man Fidel Castro truly was.

“€¢ The authors of Death by Government and The Black Book of Communism agree that during Castro’s reign, he oversaw around 15,000 executions of political enemies. Here’s a picture of world-famous humanitarians the Castro brothers and beloved T-shirt star Che Guevara preparing to murder someone for thinking differently.

“€¢ Over one million Cubans”€”around a tenth of the island’s total population”€”found conditions under Castro so unbearable, they risked their lives on inner tubes and rafts trying to paddle the 90 miles to Florida. This includes the 125,000 or so refugees from the infamous Mariel Boatlift, during which Castro emptied his prisons and mental hospitals and sent the trash afloat to the USA. (When Cuba sends us its people, they”€™re not sending their best.)

“€¢ Castro’s government set up “€œCommittees of Defense of the Revolution,”€ which were basically local Snitch Squads that encouraged wives to spy on husbands, who were to spy on their children, who were to spy on everyone to make sure everyone was a good, docile, obedient, and scared-shitless communist.

“€¢ The government also organized all-civilian “€œRapid Action Brigades”€ who were encouraged to swarm and beat anyone suspected of having an anti-communist thought. Anyone accused of political dissidence was to be assaulted, spat upon, and have rocks thrown at them”€”all with the almighty state’s approval.

“€¢ Political prisoners tell horror stories of having guards urinate in their mouths, of laughing guards beating them in front of their screaming families, of rampant unsanitary conditions where inmates “€œdefecated parasites 6 centimeters long,”€ of female inmates bleeding from their vaginas and rectums, and of being tortured with psychiatric drugs and electroconvulsive therapy and communist propaganda blasted at deafening volumes.

Ahh, leftism. Based in a deeply emotional but intellectually vacant sense of utopian humanitarianism, it creates the most inhumane hellholes in human history.

No wonder exiled Cubans celebrated in the streets of Miami for days after hearing of his death.

I think I”€™ll go eat a Cuban sandwich and light a cigar.


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