November 28, 2016

Fidel Castro - Uzbekistan, 1963

Fidel Castro - Uzbekistan, 1963

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Fidel Castro is dead, so that’s cool.

Born to wealth and privilege and educated in exclusive private schools”€”which seems to be the case with all communist fanatics I”€™ve ever heard of or have had the supreme displeasure to know in my personal life”€”the bearded revolutionary finally gave up the ghost on Friday at age 90.

Despite the fact that he was a murderous, dissent-squashing, and presumably very smelly tyrant who turned his nation into the sort of drab, flea-bitten torture chamber that all socialist republics eventually become, he was eulogized up the yin-yang by liberal Western politicians and the establishment leftist press, because they really are all that stupid.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau“€”whose dad used to play Yahtzee with Castro in the 1970s, or something like that”€”praised him as a “€œremarkable leader”€ whose death brought him “€œgreat sorrow.”€ Barack Obama“€”who has big ears, hates white people, and will be leaving office soon”€”claimed Castro was a “€œsingular figure”€ whose death elicited “€œpowerful emotions.”€

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell”€”one of the most hagged-out yentas currently polluting the airwaves”€”predicted that Castro “€œwill be revered”€ for “€œeducation and social services and medical care to all of his people.”€ Mitchell’s MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews“€”who once claimed he got “€œa thrill up his leg”€ at the idea of a black president”€”described Castro as “€œa romantic figure”€ who “€œwas almost like a folk hero to most of us.”€

“€œAhh, leftism. Based in a deeply emotional but intellectually vacant sense of utopian humanitarianism, it creates the most inhumane hellholes in human history.”€

I wonder what they”€™ll say when David Duke or Tom Metzger dies? As far as I know, neither of those guys ever killed anyone or sent homosexuals to labor camps or imprisoned journalists or sent political dissidents to mental hospitals to be psychologically destroyed. Castro did all of that.

Yes, he had his faults, his blinkered acolytes will protest. After all, he’s only human. But, um, he provided the gentle people of his humble tropical island with healthcare and education. Even better, he, like, integrated the blacks with the Spaniards and the, uh, indigenous peoples.

Okey-doke, let’s examine those bold proclamations one by one, comrades.

Although Cuban healthcare was said to be better back when Soviet dollars were propping up their economy, modern observers tell a different story. A reporter for Miami’s PanAm Post writes of a Havana hospital:

The only working bathroom in the entire hospital had only one toilet. The door didn”€™t close, so you had to go with people outside watching. Toilet paper was nowhere to be found, and the floor was far from clean….I saw biological waste discarded in a regular trash can. The beds had no linen, and the only equipment around was the bag of IV fluids hanging above them.

Lucia Newman, the Latin American Editor for Al-Jazeera, writes:

I saw many hospitals where there was often no running water, the toilets did not flush, and the risk of infections – by the hospital’s own admission – was extremely high.

Newman says that there is excellent healthcare available in Cuba, but only for political elites and tourists. But for the righteous proles of the People’s Revolution, it’s “€œdeplorable”€ and “€œwretched.”€ And because radical leftism always feels the need to worm its way into freaking everything, family doctors are required to keep notes not only on each patient’s physical health, but also on their “€œpolitical integration.”€

Cuba reputedly boasts a high literacy rate, but it’s uncertain whether its population is allowed to read anything except Das Kapital and transcripts of Castro’s speeches. Nearly all printed material that is deemed “€œcounter-revolutionary”€”€”basically, 99% of the available literature on this planet”€”is banned. The “€œeducation”€ system consists of little more than communist indoctrination. According to rules set down in The Code for Children, Youth and Family, parents who teach their children ideas that are hostile to communism risk up to three years in prison. Each schoolchild has a file that tracks their “€œrevolutionary integration”€ throughout life. So what exactly is the point of high literacy if you”€™re not allowed to read anything?

And as far as Cuba being a rainbow racial utopia, many black Cuban expats would disagree. “€œThe authorities in my country have never tolerated that a black person oppose the revolution,”€ Jorge Luis García Pérez told a newspaper reporter in Florida. “€œLater when I was mistreated in prison by guards, they always referred to me as being black.”€ According to writer Carlos Moore, “€œThere is an unstated threat, blacks in Cuba know that whenever you raise race in Cuba, you go to jail….There cannot be a civil rights movement. You will have instantly 10,000 black people dead.”€


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