January 18, 2008

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a story about CBRE, the multinational worth 28 billion and headed by Brett White, in this space.

The behemoth, which did not do its due diligence and managed to lose the life savings of hard working people, most of whom are in their eighties, has finally come up with a solution. Instead of paying 35 oldies what they had invested—a bagatelle to CBRE, 35 million or so—they offered 60 cents on the dollar, take it or leave it. Obviously, the retired folk, many of whom had to go back to work, took it. But the next time Fortune or Forbes wants to put a bum like Brett White on their cover, you little people out there—as I’m sure CBRE thinks you are—boycott the publication. White, Chapman, and CBRE, you stink to high heaven, and I will make sure no future sucker falls for your bull in future.


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